Black History Month Competition

Win a fantastic prize for your school! 

About The Event

To celebrate Black History Month, the Maths Scholarships team is running an exciting new writing competition for Scholars and Alumni in conjunction with the IMA membership Magazine Mathematics Today. 

Black History Month Competition

All you need to do is to write an article about how you have seen Black History Month approached in the mathematics classroom, in any previous year. Your article might describe one particular mathematics lesson which you taught yourself, or it might focus on an observation of another teacher. You may wish to talk about a series of lessons, or how you have incorporated black mathematicians over a period of time beyond October.  

We want to celebrate what teachers are doing in the mathematics classroom for Black History Month, but we also want your article to be reflective.  What went well?  How did the pupils respond? What will you do differently next year?  Do you have any exciting ideas for the future?    

The Prize

The winner will receive a school visit from Dr Nira Chamberlain who will give his Black Heroes of Mathematics talk.  Dr Nira Chamberlain is current IMA president and is regularly named as one of the 100 most influential British people from African and African Caribbean heritage in the UK.  Nira is an inspirational speaker, and this is a prize well worth winning for your current school, or for the school you are going to work at once you complete your teacher training. 

Competition Details

The competition opens on Monday the 29th of March 2021 & closes at 9am on Monday the 2nd of August 2021.

Entries are to be submitted to

This competition is open to UK residents.

The article must be between 500 – 800 words.

The winning article will be published in the October edition of Mathematics Today and on the Maths Scholarships website. The  visit to the winner’s school will either be in person or via videoconferencing, depending on the location of the school and government guidance regarding in-person visits.

A selection of other entries will be published on the Maths Scholarships website during October. All entrants will receive extra IMA mathematics education resources.


Follow our Twitter page @beamathsteacher for updates.

You can find Dr Nira Chamberlain on Twitter as @Ch_nira, and the IMA as @IMAmaths.