Christmas maths should be merry

Merry Christmas from the Maths scholarship scheme


We love Christmas in the Maths community

It's been a busy few weeks on social media as everyone gears up to Christmas. The Maths community has been at its best with jokes and ideas to fill classrooms with mathematical festive cheer.

The Maths Scholarship scheme has done its best to keep up with the hourly flow of interesting ideas. Here are a few of them to use this year or keep safely for Christmas 2016. Eek! What are we saying?

Graham Farmelo kicks us off with this tweet:

Season's Greetings derived in four lines of algebra from a well-chosen logarithmic expression

mathematical seasons greetings 


We then found an interesting take on the 12 Days of Christmas from Maths Mastery.

Take a look at this:

maths and christmas 


What about Christmas wrapping paper maths? 

This is symme-tree at its finest! Katie Steckles from Blackboard Bold gets excited by the different variations to be found in Christmas wrapping paper. Of course there are thousands but what joins them together is the fact the pattern repeats regularly. What she came up with is the conclusion that symmetries are actually quite limited.

Katie says:

'If a shape is finite, like a square, it’ll have a group of symmetries including rotations and reflections; if it’s a hexagon, it might have rotations by multiples of 60 degrees alongside the usual ones, plus some reflections in different axes. Some shapes, like the circle, can be reflected at any angle you like, and still get the same shape back.'

This is something many students will find interesting to explore themselves with all the examples around them. It's another great example of real maths. You can read the whole maths post right here.


maths christmas wrapping paper  

The TES offered a mega maths presentation that we loved.

Christmas maths

You can catch that right maths extravaganza right here

2015 has been great for Maths Scholarships and social media


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