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We are delighted to announce an extension for anyone still thinking about applying to undertake Initial Teacher Training in September/October 2016

  • Application rounds on a monthly basis
  • Applications extended until August 19th


Known assessment centre dates are:

  • June 13th and 17th in London
  • June 14th in Manchester
  • July 11th in London
  • August 8th, 15th and 26th in London


See what other Maths Scholars have thought about the scheme and how it impacted on their confidence and career.


Winning a Maths Scholars scholarship will have a dramatic impact on your CV and helps accelerate your career in Maths teaching. Potential employers can see immediately that you have been marked out as someone with real potential.

If you have been pondering whether to apply or not you now need to act quickly if you want to attend on one of these dates. Places at Assessment Centres are allocated on a first come first served basis.  www.mathscholars.org/home

They are an exciting opportunity to meet other people just like you and create new friendships. As Silvina said: 

How can you test others if you are not prepared to test yourself![‘

Go on try. You might well be surprised at what happens like so many of our other scholars.

We will be holding more Assessment Centres in the months to come,. These will happen up until September 2016, but they are scheduled based on the number of applications received. 

Please also be aware that we are required to provide the Department for Education with the names of the Maths Scholars by the 30 September 2016, so all applicants are required to have attended an Assessment Centre before then.

Please read what winning a maths scholarship has meant to other people. 

Being a Maths Scholar allows you to access so many benefits that will help you in so many fabulous and exciting ways.

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