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Anyway, the last few weeks have been busy for the Maths Scholars scheme. We had a great time at the Spring Graduate Fair where we talked to many students about the possibility of training to teach Maths.  Although we do our best to advertise the latest Maths news many people we spoke to were surprised to see the benefits of applying to become a Maths Scholar. You can meet us on the 22nd June 2016 if you missed us this time around.

Mathematics Teacher Trainging Scholarships

If you are thinking of applying for an initial teacher training place do consider the Maths Scholars scheme. If you have any questions do ask us on Twitter @Beamathsscholar or on our Maths Scholars Facebook page for a fast response.

The Budget falls into the latest Maths news category by default

In addition we have been keeping our eye on the latest Maths news and the budget didn’t fail to give us plenty to discuss. With the plan for schools to become academies by 2020 it appears much money will be spent making the change. With longer hours and more focus on compulsory maths for the Under 18s in the news now IS the time to consider maths teaching as a career. It is a fulfilling, inspirational and vocational career that’s always in demand. Consider teaching maths and see what difference you can make.

We were interested to read an article about learning walks

These are when members of the Senior Leadership Team pop into lessons unannounced. To read more about learning walks you can read the original article right here.

On twitter we asked the question: ‘what’s your thoughts about learning walks? Are they helpful’ and we received some thoughtful replies.

Twitter - Mark Horley Maths 

Twitter -Deb F

Latest Maths news about QTS status

Also we picked up some news regarding the new proposed White Paper about ending QTS and how this will actually raise the bar for new teachers. In the article we discovered that ministers were considering replacing QTS (or qualified teacher status) with something more rigorous. This would include a brand new accreditation system. You can read more about the proposed end of QTS here.

Latest Maths news about QTS status

We’d love to hear your thoughts about this White Paper proposal. In fact we’d love to hand over our blog to a guest editor. If you are interested in pulling together the latest maths news for our readers then do get in touch via our Twitter account or contact Vivienne Neale Editor.

Vivienne Neale Editor

We came across a really provocative video in our travels:

What if there were only 100 People on earth

Watch the video ‘What if there were only 100 People on earth right here; it is really fascinating and one of our Twitter followers made the smart observation that it was a great way to explore British values in Maths using this video. What do you think? It poses so many questions about really basic human rights, access to shelter and clean water, literacy and Internet connection. See what you think.

Twitter - Maths Scholarship

Another article that really got the cogs turning was this one from Edutopia about ‘I wonder’ questions. It was a neat article for a number of reasons. But it made us wonder and that’s always a good thing. Read: I wonder questions harnessing the power of inquiry right here.

So, if you are left wondering whether teaching maths is the career for you then why not check out what applying to b a Maths Scholar might mean for your future.  After all, wouldn’t you like to be part of the latest Maths news in 2016 or 2017?