Maths and maths teacher training have been in the news

It seems everyone is facing up to teacher shortages and thinking again about what can be done to combat this. Certainly the authorities and government are considering how to get more people into maths teacher training as a matter of some urgency. News items like: ‘ Irish students well behind world’s best in maths results’ demonstrates the importance of having teachers with top class mathematical subject knowledge and the passion to inspire and improve standards.

Can we attract more maths graduates with fewer hours, less contact time or a promise to pay off university fees?

There are have been all kinds of conversations about what might be the additional incentives for potential teacher trainees. Yet no one mentions the unique atmosphere schools have. It’s like no other working place, anywhere. People appear afraid to say what they really feel about teaching. But you only have to watch the @beamathsteacher twitter feed to see the passion and dedication maths teachers have for their subject and the interest they have for their students.

Maths teaching is about passion, communication and a sense of vocation

Recently we interviewed Melanie Muldowney who is the voice behind @justmaths. She discussed how she went from Ops Manager with her engineering degree to becoming a teacher in a mid career shift. She conveys the passion she has for her subject and the whole career of teaching. Having taken a considerable salary cut she goes on to say just why being in the classroom is so important.

Maths teachers and educators in general have the opportunity to nurture potential. 

Every youngster has the potential to do something very special and achieve in ways we may not even be able to imagine. The contemporary world in which we all operate is producing change at a rate we could have hardly thought possible even 25 years ago. The generation that are in their late teens and early twenties have never known a world without the internet and social media. They no longer see tech as new or magical. It has become a tool they are not afraid to break. They need the skills and the mathematical ability to think the unthinkable and design the un-designable. Can you help them?

The UK needs maths teachers and teachers in general

These are testing times and if ever there was a call to arms for teachers they are witnessing it right now. The UK needs maths teachers and teachers in general to prepare, inspire and support students that are living and growing up in an increasingly fragmented, fast-paced and cut throat environment. They need the leaders, inspiring leaders and support structure that will allow each one of them to fulfil their potential. There is a place in the classroom for you.. There are courses up and down the country that can help you on your way to teaching maths in primary, secondary or FE colleges.

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