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This year Teach First, an educational charity, has analysed the data supplied by Ofsted to reveal some interesting statistical trends about primary education.

We know April is the time when parents across the UK discover the primary school that’s been allotted for their children. It’s a fraught period and much has been said about the pros and cons of the current situation.

Poorer families often have fewer opportunities

Still, having studied the figures it has become clear that poorer families are often left with school choices that are not necessarily the most advantageous. These schools are often those that need improvement or are deemed inadequate based on Ofsted inspection criteria.

Maths UK News is that educational inequalities are alarming

Poorer children’s chances of attending an outstanding school are less than half those of wealthier families. Maths UK News suggests the figures are alarming. The impact of good schools on the cost of housing in the catchment area is also phenomenal. Expect to pay double the rent for a two-bed house in an area with an outstanding school compared to one that is failing.

Maths teacher training news

Can you inspire students to create their own maths headlines?

Sometimes outstanding primary schools are hard to find

Despite improvements nationally there are still areas where there is a dearth of outstanding primary schools. If you live in the Isle of Wight, Thurrock or Blackpool you are going to struggle to find one. In fact in each of these localities there is only one outstanding primary.

Therefore it is essential excellent teachers are attracted to the profession.

Become a Maths Scholar

Become a Maths Scholar this year

Also leaders are needed to inspire and envision the primary school sector for all pupils. If you have a sense of vocation about these inequalities then consider teaching Maths.  Initial Maths teacher training placements are available across the country. This is a practical way to make a difference to the opportunities of youngsters across the UK.

Check out the teacher who is standing for mayor in an effort to fight for fairer school admissions.

The Maths News UK is that graduates can study to become a primary Maths teacher at a wide range of colleges up and down the country. Check out just some of your options:

Maths teacher training

Considering training to be a Maths teacher? Be a Maths scholar too!

Edgehill  where you can study for a PGCE and be a Primary Mathematics Specialist with QTS

Birmingham that offers a post-graduate diploma in Primary Mathematics

East London to study a course and leave with a PGCE Primary qualification with Maths

Southampton Education School PGCE Primary Maths

Exeter PGCE Primary Maths

Sussex PGCE Primary Maths

These are just 6 of the many options available. If you search for Maths teacher training courses you will see a whole range of opportunities across the country. Why don’t you make a contribution to Maths News UK by applying for a course? We’d love to hear how you get on. Send us a tweet to @beamtahsteacher

If you are accepted on any of the Maths Teacher training courses it is also worth applying to become a Maths Scholar. If you win an award you will have your placement funded alongside a number of other highly attractive benefits too. If you want to make your mark on Mathematics before you even start training then becoming a Maths scholar is the right thing to do. It will enhance your own CV and demonstrate you have recognised potential. To find out more about the Maths Scholars scheme click here.

Certainly teaching in Primary school is a wonderful opportunity to help children start as they mean to go on. It’s an extremely formative time for young children. It is so important to close the attainment gap. There has been progress but certainly there is much to be done. To learn more about the need for great Primary teachers click here.

So if you are almost finishing your university course or considering changing career think about what you can contribute to future generations. You could well make a life changing difference to young people by making the decision to apply for Teach First’s Leadership Development Programme. All their participants teach and inspire children in schools serving low-income communities.

The final opportunity to apply for the teachfirst  programme is 27th April  Consider the transformation you could be part of in 2016.

You could then begin transforming life chances of children from this summer.