Maths Scholar scheme has closed for 2016

The 22nd August 2016 was the final deadline for Maths scholarship applications. Obviously that is for ITT (initial Teacher Training) courses starting in September/October this year.  It was a mad scramble at the end. We held additional assessment centres throughout August to cope with demand.

8% rise in applications during 2016

Sophie Carr Project Manager of the Maths Scholars scheme said: 

It’s been an amazing year. We’ve had 422 applications and the standard has been incredibly high. We are absolutely delighted. In fact we’ve seen an 8% increase in numbers which is very pleasing. This is great news for all the future school students studying maths up and down the country.

Are you ready for your next big adventure

Are you ready for your next big adventure? Apply to be a Maths Scholar in 2017

What do we look for when we assess an application to become a Maths scholar?

Firstly we are looking for passionate communicators. You don’t have to be a mathematical genius but you should have a good degree in a maths-related subject and really want to pass on the love for maths! Having the ability to work with students to take pride in working with those who excel at mathematics and those who struggle is very important. We are always looking for potential scholars who have a really positive attitude.

Why should you consider applying for a maths scholars award when the next round opens in September/ October?

How can you make preparations now and be quick off the mark when the scheme re-opens?

It’s time to start planning for your future as a maths teacher.png

It’s time to start planning for your future as a maths teacher

Check your eligibility. 

Considering if there is something you need to prepare yourself by studying, practicing or organising school observations.

Keep an eye on trends in mathematics education and maths teaching. Being part of the Maths community on Twitter and Facebook for example is useful. You can see what major topics are being discussed, what resources, ideas and opinions are being shared. It’s always a good idea to become immersed in your field of interest before making any application anywhere.

Stop standing in line and get noticed by applying for a Maths Scholars Teacher Training Scholarship!

Stop standing in line and get noticed by applying for a Maths Scholars Teacher Training Scholarship!

So why apply for the Scholarship Scheme in 2016/17?

There is £25,000 tax free sum in your training year (which replaces any bursary entitlement)

Becoming a scholar demonstrates a real commitment to extending your learning and knowledge and enhancing the maths community.  

All scholars are given membership of the main mathematical professional organisations. These provide a range of publications and superb professional resources that will put you ahead of the pack.  

There is good access to high quality and in-depth articles and information. This will definitely help you deepen your subject matter knowledge. You will have the chance to formulate ideas and grow your own mathematical expertise and eventually those of your students.  

The Scholarship scheme gives access to continual professional development events. These are always arranged and run by maths education specialists.  They are exciting and highly useful sessions that scholars really enjoy. These events give Scholars the ability to develop and enhance their teaching abilities. You will also have the opportunity to meet and network with other Scholars, make friends and develop your supportive network.  

There is a vibrant ever-growing community of Scholars, all of whom are maths teaching enthusiasts supporting and inspiring each other.   The scheme has been running for four years now so there are plenty of people to call on and benefit from.

Check out all the information you might need alongside frequently asked questions. Do not hesitate to tweet us or contact us on Facebook for any answers you cannot find. You can keep an eye on our blog or even subscribe here.

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