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The Maths Scholars scheme is open for scholarships 2015/16

maths scholars scheme;


The Maths Scholars Scheme is proud to offer scholarships for aspiring Maths teachers.

There are so many inspiring reasons to join the teaching profession. With so many people living the freelance life wouldn't it be brilliant to have a role. This role give enviable job security. You are important to a whole generation of students. Imagine seeing them join in Year 7 then go off to university after Year 13. Being a stable, inspirational influence on so many youngsters' lives is a wonderful role to  undertake.  When you make sure every student has the same access to education of quality with an opportunity to make something special of their lives; that's precious.

By bringing your enthusiasms, passion and knowledge of mathematics to the teaching profession you can actually say: 'I've made a difference.' Giving people the confidence and self belief can make a profound difference to youngsters' development. To know that you will be a role model, a force for good and an inspiration is exciting. A competitive salary and clear career structure makes teaching a great opportunity.

If you want to pursue your passion for maths, if you want to take on extra responsibilities or certain specialist roles then it's likely those opportunities will be there in your maths teaching career. With up to 13 weeks holiday there are times for travel and pursuing leisure activities.

Teaching Mathematics is so important for the future of our economy, for encouraging the skills required and for instilling a love of this incredible subject. Doesn't  that sound like an exciting opportunity for a fulfilling career? Click here to find out even more about teaching.