Maths Teacher Training is not a dream

Schools need Maths teachers right now

Schools need Maths teachers right now 

Not only that, schools need passionate, enthusiastic and knowledgeable Maths teachers. As we’ve said many times before in this blog, maths has never been more important. It’s not a matter of numeracy skills but something far more profound. Maths teaching is about processes, logical thinking and even blue-sky thinking. What we need are innovative Maths teachers who really want to challenge thinking and push the boundaries of Maths teaching.

22nd August is the deadline for Maths Scholars’ applications

If you have been thinking about applying for a scholarship and you have a place to study Maths teacher training then it’s not too late. We have organised assessment centres throughout August and into September to give everyone the opportunity to apply for a scholarship. If you wish to apply then the closing date is the 22nd August. That gives you 12 days to put in your application. You can grab more information about applying for a Maths Scholars scholarship by clicking here.Next generation mathematicians need to know ‘how’ not just ‘what’

Maths teachers need to promote integrated thinking

Maths teachers need to promote integrated thinking

Certainly we all realise that mathematics is so important in our contemporary society. The need for skills is everywhere. If we are to continue developing technologies mathematical competence is essential. In addition the importance of data and mathematical model analytics means our capabilities have to be better. We need to know ‘how’ not just ‘what’. Gilbert and Macleod (2006) outlined the idea of developing ‘deep approaches to learning’ What this means, is that we need to make real sense of physical concepts and procedures. Students’ thinking needs to develop mathematical understanding, that’s coherent within broader integrated understanding. This is important in a broader sense in society and smart cities as a whole. Therefore we need maths teachers who are able to promote these skills and even blends skills such as mathematical, contextual and strategic to promote numeracy in context.

Can you develop strategic know-how?

The irony is that maths seems to have become submerged somehow as we no longer need our abacus or even calculate complex calculations. Automation has changed the way we approach mathematics. Deep knowledge is more important. Therefore school mathematics has to develop students’ strategic know-how and handle mathematics in the real world.

Are you a future leader in maths education?

leader in maths education

As a Maths Scholar you will mark yourself out as a thinker, a passionate communicator, knowledgeable and competent mathematician. You will be someone who will want to be part of current and future mathematical debates. In fact you are likely to become a leader in the mathematical community. That doesn’t mean we are looking for the next Einstein. More than anything we want people who can inspire and captivate. Students need to have the confidence to develop their mathematical thinking. Are you the person who can help them?

Apply to be a Maths Scholar right now and check out these FAQs about the scheme.

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