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Sophie Carr is the new Maths Scholar scheme Project Manager

Taking on a new role Maths Scholar’s Project Manager is daunting  but exciting too!

This is especially true when you’re replacing someone that has been incredibly successful.  However, I do consider myself very fortunate to be taking over as project manager of the Mathematics Teacher Training Scholarship Scheme.  After three successful years, the Scholarship scheme continues to gain traction with the latest scholars already having started their teacher training programmes. 

The Maths Scholars Scheme is four! 

It is exciting to see the scheme entering its fourth year.  Building upon the fantastic success to date and following our scholars lead, the Scholarship Scheme has set itself high targets to attract even more inspirational maths teachers.  The Scheme has continually evolved to meet the needs of those undertaking teacher training programmes. 

No more written exams for UK Maths Scholars

This year will not, in the main, be any different.  The one welcome change is the streamlined application process in which the on-line test has been completely removed. In addition, for many candidates, a written exam will no longer be required. For example, the exam will not be required for any candidate with a UK awarded maths or maths related degree accredited by the IMA or RSS or a degree that has been accepted by the IMA as being a qualifying degree for the purpose of the Scholarship scheme. 

Welcome to the new Maths Scholars Assessment Centres

In addition to this a new half day assessment centre will combine both assessment and interviews.  The overall format of the assessment centre is still being developed. But the plan is for it to provide candidates with the opportunity to meet with others whilst also showing their mathematical knowledge and ability to inspire those they will teach.

So why apply for the Scholarship Scheme?

There is a monetary benefit of £25,000 tax free in your training year (which replaces any bursary entitlement), but there is so much more.  
Becoming a scholar shows tangible commitment to extending your learning and knowledge.  
All scholars gain membership of the main mathematical professional organisations, which provide a range of publications and superb professional resources.  
Access to high quality and in-depth articles and information helps scholars deepen their subject matter knowledge, formulate ideas and grow their mathematical expertise.  
The Scholarship scheme also provides access to continual professional development events arranged and run by specialists in maths education.  
Not only do these events enable Scholars to develop and enhance their teaching abilities, but also meet and network with other Scholars.  
There is a vibrant ever-growing community of Scholars, all of whom are maths teaching enthusiasts supporting and inspiring each other.  

Why not follow the Scholarship Scheme on social media? or @Beamathsteacher?  

Applications for the scheme will open in mid-November

We're looking forward to making 2015-2016 the most rewarding year for Maths Scholars ever.



Will you become a Maths Scholar in 2015?

We’ve been delighted to support so many talented maths teachers as they begin their training and teaching careers.

We were heartened to see so much fuss being made on World Teachers Day at the beginning of October. It does seem that the community at large is really beginning to see just how valuable teaching is to the economy and well-being of a country.

This year we have been doing our best to spread the word about the importance of teaching maths and also the necessity of bringing in passionate maths teachers to really fire up students to embrace the subject and throw away some ill-conceived perceptions

Our Twitter community is modest but perfectly formed and it’s exciting to be part of such a passionate, imaginative, creative and inspirational group of people. We have been heartened to see more NQTs contacting the community for help and advice as they develop their professional practice and ethos.

In fact throughout the year the Maths Scholars Scheme organise different events

We love to get new scholars to meet up and also start working together on ideas that can be taken back to the classroom. We have found some amazingly creative groups flourishing from just these beginnings. Next meeting is 21st November 2015. More details to follow.

In 2015/16 academic year we are hoping to start publishing

We’d love to publish some of your ideas and would like to showcase scholars’ work whenever we can. In addition we will continue to showcase good practice, exciting new maths publications and be part of the maths teaching platform. If you’d like to send us a blog post and we like it we’ll publish. It could be yet another extra to add to your list of accomplishments.

If you’d like to be featured on the website or you’d like to share some of your observations, resources, opinions or ideas do contact us here and take the conversation forward.

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