Pi Day and Maths Teacher Training together forever!

Maths teachers love Pi Day and students are learning to love it too!

It’s Pi Day. Year on year the momentum builds. Right across social media there are so many resources, fun ideas and really exciting references to Pi. There are so me awesome looking Pie and cake recipes knocking about too!

Pi Day

Will Pi Day inspire you to apply for a Maths teacher-training course?

Pi Day increases awareness and provokes questions and interest.  So imagine what you could do if you were to apply for a Maths teacher training course!  The passion, interest and creativity you have regarding maths could be used to inspire the next generation of mathematicians!

Pie and cake recipes

In fact it appears to us that attitudes to maths and maths teacher training are changing. 

With so much easy access to exciting resources, videos, ideas and the sharing of great practice, maths is on the up. We also know that maths underpins so much of what is important in contemporary life. Therefore isn’t that good enough reason to consider a career teaching maths?

Could you follow Ian Stewart’s lead in popularizing maths?

Talking of resources we have found some fabulous ones in our travels. To coincide with Pi Day the third issue of Chalkdust has just been published. This is a fantastic magazine published by University College London (UCL) and has a wide range of really attractive and thought-provoking articles including an interview with Ian Stewart whose whole life has been involved with popularising maths.

Ian Stewart

Thinking about applying for an initial teacher training course?

If this is something that fires you up then do check out UCAS as a starting point.  There is plenty of advice available on this site and plenty of courses to inspire! For further research you might like to go to the following organisations. Theer are plenty of others but here are a few initial ideas regarding maths teacher training course that might inspire:

Primary Mathematics Bed Hons course is available at Plymouth University. If you want to teach Primary with Maths then this is one example of a course on offer or you can try a PGCE post graduate certificate in Primary Maths at Northampton. 

These are just a few Primary Maths teacher training courses and there are many more on offer all over the UK. You can even study for an PGCert/ MA Specialist Primary Maths Specialist course at Edgehill

Check this for the secondary maths teacher subject specialism training course list  It will give you an overview of all the maths initial teacher training courses available in the UK.

National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics is a great website to check out also while you are researching.

If you need help or support do contact us via social media:

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We look forward to offering you a Maths Scholars bursary as the new application round has just opened.

applying to be a Maths Scholar

If you are thinking of applying for an initial teacher training course in maths then consider also applying to be a Maths Scholar. It’s much more than a bursary and offers a range of fantastic resources, a maths inspired community, membership of professional bodies, regular maths meet-ups and also marks you out as a ‘one to watch’ in your field. For more information regarding becoming a maths scholar go to the Maths scholars home page.