Teacher training, Maths, May blossom and FAQs

It’s the time of long days, new leaves and the end of exams for university students but the beginning for everyone else.

Fern green plant spring

Begin a fresh and apply for a Maths Scholars bursary

May is actually the time for optimism and plans. Certainly the Maths Scholarship scheme has been busy collating information, extending the Maths Scholars application deadline and planning to eat cake.

MMU Brooks Building Entrance

Now, if you’re wondering, cake is an essential a part of the equation. ON the 27th Mat we are all convening at Manchester Metropolitan University to host a drop in. If you come and see us we can promise coffee, cake and tea. But, not only that, we can answer every questions you can possibly dream up about the scholars scheme.

Maths and beauty

Maths and beauty; the beauty in mathematics

Let’s find a couple of Maths Scholars questions to begin with:

Is it too late to apply for the Maths Scholars scheme to begin training in October 2016?

The answer to that is a resound, ‘ no!’. Take a look at this.

We are amazed and delighted to announce an extension to Maths Scholars assessment dates. These are for for anyone still pondering about making an application to undertake Initial Teacher Training in September/October 2016

         * Application rounds on a monthly basis
         * Applications extended until August 19th
         * Known assessment centre dates are:
         * June 13th and 17th in London
         * June 14th in Manchester
         * July 11th in London
         * August 8th, 15th and 26th in London

So you see, there’s still time to get your application submitted.

Question 2

Will a Maths Scholarship benefit my career?

The answer to this one is actually, ‘yes!’ Why? There are a number of reasons:

  1. It immediately marks you out as ‘one to watch’ It’s a statement that someone has recognised your potential, ability, passion, enthusiasm and originality.
  2. We offer a number of highly targeted, up to the minute courses. This will broaden and enhance your subject knowledge, practice and opportunities to share ideas with other scholars.
  3. In addition you are enrolled into professional bodies with access to professional resource.
  4. You’ll be part of a forward-thinking community filled by people with an enthusiasm for maths.
  5. Know the Institute of Maths and its Applications has given you a vote of confidence. This will be a real boost as you start training.
  6. If you are looking for a job, being a Maths Scholar is certainly an award that will enhance your CV?
  7. Have the kudos of being a winner of an award in your specialism.
  8. Develop your maths career with our support

We love Maths and want every student to love it too.

We love Maths and want every student to love it too.

For more FAQs about Maths click here

In fact Maths teaching is a high demand subject area and trainee teachers almost always find a good job with great career opportunities. There is a wealth of CPD on offer from a number of organisations and some fine conferences too.  May and June really are  great months for conferences.

Has anyone seen the Maths garden at the Chelsea Flower Show? Like we always say: maths is everywhere. It’s pretty stunning

We look forward to meeting you at MMU on the 27th May or maybe at one of the assessment centres during the summer.

What are you waiting for? Apply for a Maths Scholar award today.

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