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Mathematics Teacher Training Scholarship Program

We’ve been blogging “all things maths” for a few years now. It’s been quite a journey and we’ve taken a number of scholars and maths teachers with us. It’s been a mix of heads up ‘Maths scholars’ information and interviews with movers and shakers in maths education. We’ve blogged about the news, about teaching, even about going back after the summer holiday, experiences and much more.

By June 2017 the Maths scholars scheme was full to bursting

But 2017 has been a strange one as our raison d’etre is promoting the Maths scholars scholarship award scheme. This is where we offer £27500 scholarship to teachers undertaking full time teacher training in Mathematics. What’s strange about that you might be wondering? Well, nothing. We have awarded many scholarships this year to highly intelligent, passionate, articulate and exciting teacher trainees. Not only that but we’ve held some pretty amazing additional CPD sessions too alongside free membership of professional organisations. So what‘s the problem? We closed the scheme about three months ago as we were full.

Be a Maths Scholar

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It was astonishing just how much interest there’s been in training to become a maths teacher.

Pressure was definitely on once Christmas 2016 was over. Suddenly the applications started to flood into the offices and it was quite something organising interviews and assessment centres for so many candidates. As each week passed the number of available scholarship places dropped like a stone and by June we were just about complete.

Get your skates on for 2018 it’s closer than you think!

That’s not a problem of course but when your reason for being here is to promote the scheme what is there left to say when the places are filled for the year? Well, actually there are some pretty important messages left to offer to anyone thinking of applying to start a course in September 2018:


There is stiff competition and we start awarding scholarships early in the application process once applications are in and interview and assessment procedures are completed. Therefore it makes sense to start planning your application right now so you can be one of the first ones for the 2018 cohort. If you manage to secure your place and your award early then you can concentrate on what really has to be done for the rest of the year knowing plans are in place.

Mathematics Teacher Training Scholarship Program

Keep up to date with current maths developments with the Maths scholars blog published twice a week.

Throughout the year we encourage our current Maths scholars and alumni of course to write for us and say just what teaching maths today is all about. We have some pretty amazing stories of career changers, confounded expectations, the struggles with discipline, the excitement of the ‘aha’ moments and the privilege of working with young minds. 

Don’t ignore advice from people who know

We have amassed a vast catalogue of interesting articles that you might find useful if your thoughts are moving towards applying for a Maths Scholars scholarship award. So do check these out the advice we have and explore the blog. You can find out how to fill in a successful application form
What to expect from a Maths scholars interview and what happens at a Maths Scholars assessment centre for example plus much more such as why scholarships are much more than a bursary.

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