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We have a thriving Maths community on Twitter.  

The Maths Scholars scheme is now in its 4th year

Who is in our community?

Almost 1000 passionistas swap tips and ideas, news and requests every day. If you would like to join us and see just what Mathsters talk about when they’re not in the classroom please follow us on @BeaMathsteacher and we’ll return the compliment.

On another note we are very keen to promote all the amazing maths inspired events that happen up and down the country. So, if you have an event you want us to feature just send us some details:

Name of Event
Title and a little bit about what will be happening.
Include any high resolution images to help us promote your event

Interested in writing for the website?

We're also looking for people that have an opinion, ideas, thoughts, criticisms, observations and/or resources to write for us. We need people that are passionate about Maths, education, the economy, data, data analytics, the philosophy of maths; maths and gender the list goes on.

If you can write for us that would be fantastic and we’ll promote your post too.  If you're interested in writing, we accept three types of content:

350-500 word blog which is newsy, opinionated, observational, maybe fun.
500-1000 word blog which has in more detail than the shorter bog with links and references as appropriate
1000+ word content is a high value offering that rewards the time invested reading it! It should include references, bibliography – probably more formal but we are open-minded. This content will usually cover subjects that need a lot of space to discuss. 

It would be great if your could include at least one copyright free image with each post. If images are a problem tell us and we can probably help - it shouldn't be the one aspect which stops you submitting your article. 

We are very keen to hear from Scholars. We’d love to know how you are finding teaching, how your career is developing, maybe the benefits of the Scholars scheme and anything you think our readers might find interesting.

The Radio Times and Dr Who

Did anyone see the Radio Timesarticle on Friday posted about Dr Who?  Someone used maths to find out the Doctor’s real name.  A great article

It’s the greatest enigma of Doctor Who, a bigger mystery than why the Doctor left Gallifrey, what the hybrid is or when the Doctor has time to hoover the Tardis – What is the Doctor’s real name

Maths anxiety

The Guardian also posted an article this week about Maths anxiety

The fear of all sums: how teachers can help students with maths anxiety.  Around two million schoolchildren feel apprehension about mathematics. Tutor Prathap Chandran looks for the signs and solutions. 

Becoming part of our community

Of course the whole point of the Maths Scholars scheme is to find the brightest, most enthusiastic and communicative people who want to teach Maths in UK schools. Applications are open and you can apply here. We are reaching out to:

University professors
Teacher trainers
Maths teachers

Plus any other organisation or individual  keen to promote a love of Maths and a career in Maths teaching. Please share our posts. Please also join us on Twitter or Facebook and let’s sort out the teacher shortage at least in the Maths world. If you know anyone that would benefit from linking to the Maths Scholars scheme please share.

We look forward to catching up with you all on social media! Until then enjoy the rest of the term as you count down to Christmas.