Train to teach Maths in 2018?

Why not train as a maths teacher in a change of career? The Maths Scholars scheme shows you how to make plans

Maths teaching is a popular choice for career changers. Interestingly people from accountancy, banking, IT, engineering and other industries give so much back. Maths teaching seems like a smart move for anyone who feels his or her job lacks a high satisfaction quotient.

The teaching sector has always been attractive. There’s something energizing, creative and satisfying about teaching youngsters and helping take their first steps towards their own future careers and lives.

2018 might well be THE year to start teaching Maths

In 2017 we have seen over 21K people register to teach and most interestingly is the fact that two thirds of applicants were career changers. What does that say about the world of work? Answers on a postcard please! When you consider that most people are going to be working until their mid sixties it’s not surprising that people are considering that their 40s and 50s are good times now to switch careers and maybe go into teaching.

With such long careers ahead isn’t it time you did some planning?

With 40+ years of work ahead then how wonderful would it be to shift the emphasis and move into education? After all education underpins so much of what we aspire towards in any society. Education changes minds, opens up opportunities and different ways of thinking. It offers the opportunity to revise outlooks and beliefs and explore and empathise with situations, ideas and people we may have never come across before. 

What could you bring to the classroom?

You may be thinking that you need to be an Einstein clone to consider teaching Maths in UK Schools. Never has that been so far from the truth. You might think: ‘who would want me to teach?’ Those thoughts need to be put on hold. If you are a passionate communicator then teaching needs you. If you motivate your peers and colleagues and are a natural leader then teaching needs you. If you can bring a new industry-lead approach to education and want to prepare youngsters for the world of contemporary work then teaching needs you. Passion and enthusiasm alongside strong subject knowledge are key skills for potential maths teachers and career changers.

Maths Teacher Teaching sounds interesting right?

Yes, of course it does. If you want to discover teaching in general then it’s worth making contact with get into teaching

Don’t be alarmed this is definitely NOT what contemporary maths teaching looks like in the UK
Don’t be alarmed this is definitely NOT what contemporary maths teaching looks like in the UK.

This is not just for Einstein wannabes

However, if it’s maths teaching that appeals then the Maths Scholars Scholarship Award is something you really do need to be checking out.  Before you delete and move on thinking only Einstein wannabes it’s worth will apply it really is worth noting that we are looking for people with a good knowledge of mathematics. Not only this but their personality traits need to show flexibility, adaptability and curiosity to inspire. As we have just said, first and foremost mathematics teachers need to be great communicators. If you are passionate about mathematics and its applications then teaching really is a career for you.

Don’t stay stuck in a job you’ve fallen out of love with. Train to teach Maths

Career decisions aren’t all done and dusted at 14, 16, 18 and 21. There’s the distinct possibility that we might even have several careers throughout our working lives. Is it likely that the first choice we make will the right or only one? Of course not, you might well be reading this with a cup of coffee in one hand and a feeling that life should and could be different in another!

If your current choice is boring you rigid or isn’t what you were expecting then make a change right now. Although the Maths Scholars Scholarship scheme is closed for 2017 entry it will open again in October. If you want to be first off the blocks then it really is worth having a look at the criteria and start putting together an application. Now is the time to get ready. This is where we say something about the early bird getting the worm and all that.

Who wants to start teaching in 2018?
Hands up! Who wants to start teaching in 2018?

Do something that actually makes a difference to other people and also your world picture.
One of our scholars recently said: Being part of helping shape a young person’s life is very humbling as well as fulfilling.’  Is that something that motivates you? Could it change how you live your life and the kind of career that you know will make a real difference to both your students and to you.

A Maths Scholars Scholarship could change your life

As a Maths Scholar you can expect a scholarship worth £27500. This will go towards your training year. The scheme also offers tailored and enriching events, continued professional training and membership of prestigious mathematical societies.  As an organisation we are always searching for future thought leaders. We also look out for people who will be the kind of leaders who will shape the mathematics curriculum eventually and who will also help maths departments up and down the country move forward and embrace ongoing change.

Check out the Maths Scholars website today

If this sounds like something exciting and would also motivate you to start a brand new career teaching mathematics then do see what options are open to you right now. There’s no time like the present. If maths-teaching sounds like a career for you see what one of our scholars has to say. If you have just completed your studies on an SKE course then start putting your application together right for October 2017. It’s only a couple of months away. We have masses of content on our website to guide you such as preparing for a Maths Scholars interview. So begin your journey and study blog to see just what an impact being a Maths Scholar has had on current and past recipients. Your future may well be beginning at this very moment.

If you need help with filling in your Maths Scholars application form begin here
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We look forward to meeting you and helping you change your career for the better. Do contact us through Facebook if you have any specific queries we might be able to answer.