New Assessment Format

Why have we made the changes?

The Mathematics Teacher Training Scholarship Scheme has always enjoyed welcoming people to its Assessment Centres – we’re proud of the amazing feedback we have on how enjoyable and informative the days are.  However, we have had to make changes this year to ensure the safety of all applicants and assessors.  That means that this year all aspects of the assessments will be held virtually.  

If you’ve seen our blogs about previous Assessment Centres, you’ll know that there were two groups activities.  We talked to all our assessors and together we decided that these activities didn’t usefully translate to being held online.  As such we decided to change these parts of the Assessment Centre.

What are the main changes?

All aspects of the Assessment will be online and comprise of you talking to two Assessors.  If you need to sit the mathematics test (we’ll let you know if this is the case) then that will also be online.

What has not changed?

The qualities of what we look for in our scholars! We’re looking for those with the potential to be a teacher who is remembered for all the right reasons.  


The Assessment will last approximately 45 minutes but we ask that you clear your calendar for an hour to allow to for a natural end to discussions (and if required solving any technical glitches) and will comprise of three parts: 

Answering “Why am I learning about…..I’ll never need it!” to assess ability to: demonstrate your motivation to be an inspirational mathematics teacher; demonstrate a broad an inclusive understanding of mathematics and its relevance to secondary school pupils and be able to support your views in discussion.  

Linking a topic across the school curriculum to show us your ability apply a KS3 topic across the wider curriculum; show your interest and commitment to teaching and your ability to respond to feedback.

Wider questions about the scholarship scheme and mathematics to enable us to judge your personal qualities, motivation and enthusiasm to be an inspirational mathematics teacher and future leader in mathematics education and your understanding of mathematicians and their relevance to secondary school pupils.

Will I need bespoke software?

The Mathematics Teacher Training Scholarships uses the videoconferencing software GoToMeeting.  When you have confirmed the date and time of your Assessment, details on how to access the meeting room and some useful information, such as video interview tips, will be issued to you.

You will also be offered a drop-in session prior to your Assessment so that you can practice using our videoconferencing software.  

What if I’m required to sit the Mathematics Test?

The mathematics test is being held online and you are required to register with the assessment package for mathematics that we are using.  You’ll have access to the test for 30 hours and to help you there will also be a range of practice questions available during that time to you can familiarise yourself with the syntax used by the software.  Please read all the guidance on the website before starting the test.  Just remember you only get one chance to complete the test and you have an hour’s time limit once you start the test.    

At your Assessment, in addition to the three parts listed above, we’ll also ask you three questions on mathematical concepts and their application in real life.  This means your Assessment will last one hour instead of the 45 minutes (so you might want to make sure your calendar is clear for a little over an hour).

What about Reasonable Adjustments?

You do not have to declare any reason for adjustments to be made, but if there is something we can do to help you, please let us know (you can find more detail on our blog Making Ourselves Clear,)  Common adjustments include providing more time for the assessment; ensuring the lighting is clear so you can see the assessors face and making sure only one person speaks at once.  Don’t forget, you can also ask for reasonable adjustments on the day of your Assessment and we’ll do our very best.