We’re thrilled to announce that the scheme is coming back for its seventh year and will be opening to applications on the 9th October. Once again the scheme is looking for individuals who have excellent mathematical knowledge and the desire to be an inspirational maths teacher – one who will be remembered for all the right reasons.

The financial package for the scheme has been announced and the Scholarships once more offering an enhanced financial package of £22,000 tax-free bursary during your initial teacher training year followed by two later payments of at least £5K (enhanced payments of £7.5K if teaching in specified areas in England) in your 3rd and 5th year of teaching, providing you have taught in a state-funded school in England since completing your ITT.

However, it is not the funding that sets the Scholarships apart from the bursaries, rather it is the non-financial benefits including free membership of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, The Royal Statistical Society, The London Mathematical Society, The Mathematical Association, Mathematics in Education and Industry and The National STEM Learning Centre.

One of the key aspects provided to Scholars are a series of workshops designed to provide ideas and resources which can be immediately used in a classroom. This year’s scholars have already had the kick-off celebration event where statistics was brought to life with goats and gold (thanks to Colin Beveridge) and they’re looking forwards to the super visit which this year will again be at the inspirational Bletchley Park. As the academic year moves into 2019 there will be two additional CPD events, including the ever popular visit to the National STEM Learning Centre. As this is written, we’re still defining what the last CPD event should include, but as you can see from previous sessions it will be fun and very worthwhile!

In addition to the CPD (and the free memberships) is the amazing community of scholars and the scholarship team itself who work tirelessly to make sure applications are processed, queries answered, assessment centres arranged and all other day to day tasks. If you’re wondering what other little things the scholarship team arranges, well last year it included helping scholars find materials to support their trip to teach in Kenya which has amazing results and working with current and alumni scholars to present at BCME.

Wherever the scheme can help the scholars and alumni add value to their training and teaching experiences, the team really will go out of their way to do all they can. Just remember it is a bijou sized team so we can’t always answer all your questions immediately. Every now and again we need to have a cup of tea.

If you want to know more about the scheme, there’s a list of FAQs which is regularly updated as well as many articles on our website to help you write the best application possible. Please spend time looking around the website and for even more information why not connect with us on Twitter, FacebookInstagram or LinkedIn?

Hopefully it won’t be too long until we receive your application and maybe meet you at an assessment centre!