How I found the Online Assessment as part of my application to the Maths Scholarship

Mark HamiltonHow did I find the online interview? Well, I hit the join key and there it was: simple!

Ok, seriously, I was sent all the questions that might be asked and had plenty of time to consider how I would answer.  Unlike most interviews, the scholarship team are not looking for ‘the one’, they are seeking to find every teacher in training who has the qualities of a Maths Scholar.

You are taking your application to become a maths teacher seriously, so you are already off to a great start.  Teachers reflect a lot; the scholarship questions all boil down to reflecting on your motivations and aptitudes. Are you enthusiastic about maths? Yes! Are you keen to share that enthusiasm with students and other teachers? Yes! Are you motivated to help students, every student, get the best from school and mathematics? Yes! As I said, questions you will already have considered before applying to become a teacher and further when you wrote your scholarship application personal statement.

Interviews can be nerve racking.  I cannot say, as a rule, I want them to go on longer. But for this interview we were discussing the questions and exchanging thoughts. I found it enjoyable to be talking to such wise teachers and mathematicians and exploring the topic with them. We chatted through the contingency time and had to stop because other potential scholars would otherwise be waiting.

The Scholarship Team and the Assessors provide plenty of support.  They want you to be at your best.  Not held back by nerves or the unexpected.  You need to bring the commitment to preparing seriously.  Plus, good time keeping, as online means being on time.  I hope you will, like me, find the interview relaxed and a beneficial experience.  

By Mark Hamilton

Message from the Scholarship Team - You can apply to the Scholarships with a 2:2 degree classification, providing you can demonstrate 'significant relevant experience'. Also you can apply before completing your subject knowledge enhancement course. See our eligibility criteria on our About Us page and our FAQs.