Why I Decided To Apply For A Mathematics Teacher Training Scholarship

Chloe RawI had wanted to start a teaching course for a couple of years but it wasn’t until about a year ago I really started looking at the Get into Teaching website. Here I found lots of useful information such as how to get school experience and how to apply for a course. Through browsing the website, I came across information on bursaries.  As a career changer, this information was important to me as I have a mortgage and wanted to make sure I could fund my year out of work to do teacher training. 

This is where I came across the Mathematics Teacher Training Scholarship. After browsing through the Maths Scholarships website, I was thrilled to have found a mathematics community which would offer expert guidance throughout my training and provide me with extra resources which I would not normally have access to (especially not for free). Being a Scholar would also give me the opportunity to do things such as attend continuing professional development events, speak to past Scholars for advice, free memberships to a range of mathematical organisations and speak to mathematical professionals from all over the world. With the Scholarship I would also be entitled to an extra £2,000 to the standard mathematics bursary for the year which I knew would also help out a lot financially. 

After discovering the Maths Scholarships, I really wanted to apply, but I kept telling myself that there is no way I will be accepted on to such a prestige programme out of all the other potential applicants.  Nevertheless, I applied and then completed an online mathematics test. If successful you would be invited to interview*. I was so nervous for the interview, but I felt confident as I was able to prepare really well with the guidance I had been provided with. Less than two weeks later I was told I had been successful and I am now a mathematics scholar. This is something which I am extremely proud to call myself and I know it will provide me with advantages in my future not only on my CV but also in the classroom.

The new school year is still young with lots of uncertainty due to Covid-19, but one thing that is for certain is that the Maths Scholarships Team is dedicated to providing their Scholars with ongoing support, even if the CPD events are over GoToMeeting for now, these are still just as inspiring and memorable as they would normally have been in person. 

For those who are wondering whether to apply, I urge you to do it! You have nothing to lose by applying and so far, it is one of the best decisions I have made and I cannot wait to start my trainee year as a Scholar.

By Chloe Raw

*Note from the Scholarships Team.  Not all applicants to the Maths Scholarships are required to sit the mathematics test.  Only those whose degree subject does not meet the strong-mathematical content criteria on its own, and undertaking a subject knowledge enhancement (SKE) course.