There are two stages to the application process to the Mathematics teacher Training Scholarships; the initial application and Assessment.

Initial Application

The initial application consists of completing the online application form, which can be found by clicking on the big pink button that says ‘Apply now’ on the home page (you’d be surprised how many people miss it…)

Your completed application form allows us to assess that you:
•           Meet the education requirements
•           Are eligible for student finance (please see the eligibility section of our FAQ page for more information)
•           The wider criteria to become a Maths Scholar

We assess your degree subject and classification, and your eligibility for student finance, from the responses you provide in your application to the first two points listed above. If it is not obvious to us from your answers to these questions, then we will contact you for more information to help us make a decision.

Please note - due to limited resources, we only assess this information as part of your application.  Please do not send this information to us for assessment separately.

Your personal statement allows us to judge if you meet the wider criteria to become a Maths Scholar.  The majority of applications rejected at the initial application stage in previous years were due to having an inadequate personal statement. This is why it is crucial that you put the time and effort into this part of the application, and focus on providing the information that will help us to make this judgement. Ensure that you have read carefully the introductory text to this part of the application.

We recommend you read the ‘How to submit a successful application’ and ‘Writing a Successful Personal Statement’ articles before submitting your application.

Please be aware that the online application system does not have the facility to save part completed application forms. To help you prepare your application, download the Sample Application Form.pdf

Should you require the application in an alternative format, or experience any issues completing the online form, please email us for further assistance at

Once you have submitted your application, you will see a confirmation message to inform you that it has been successfully submitted and that the Scholarships Team will be in contact within 10 working days (not including weekends or bank holidays). You will not receive an email confirmation.


For 2020/21, our Assessments will be held online using our videoconferencing software.  The assessment is an individual 45-minute Assessment, and will comprise of three parts:

  • Answering “Why am I learning about…..I’ll never need it!” to assess ability to: demonstrate your motivation to be an inspirational mathematics teacher; demonstrate a broad an inclusive understanding of mathematics and its relevance to secondary school pupils and be able to support your views in discussion.
  • Linking a topic across the school curriculum to show us your ability apply a KS3 topic across the wider curriculum; show your interest and commitment to teaching and your ability to respond to feedback.
  • Wider questions about the scholarship scheme and mathematics to enable us to judge your personal qualities, motivation and enthusiasm to be an inspirational mathematics teacher and at the forefront of mathematics education, and your understanding of mathematicians and their relevance to secondary school pupils.

If you are required to sit the mathematics test as part of your assessment, then in addition to the three activities described above, you are also required to:

  • Sit a one-hour mathematics test, which will also be held online
  • Mathematical knowledge and Competency. At your Assessment, in addition to the three parts listed above, we’ll also ask you three questions on mathematical concepts and their application in real life.  This means your Assessment will last one hour instead of 45 minutes.

Applicants who are invited to attend an Assessment will be provided with further details of not only the activities as part of the Assessment, but also details of using our chosen online software.  Applicants who are required to sit the mathematics test will also be provided with further details for that activity.


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