Advice To Mathematics Teacher Training Scholarship Applicants

You may find the following useful for both your applications for a Scholarship and a teacher training place.

Think about the level of your subject knowledge and that required to teach Key Stages 3 and 4 – you might like to try using the Mastery Professional Development Materials to assess your subject knowledge.

Make time to ‘see maths taught for a day’ – visit some schools including a state secondary school in order to see some of the different approaches to teaching maths and to really see what teaching is about.

If you haven’t already, register with Get into Teaching for all the latest news and information you will need. If you have (or are predicted) a first, 2:1 or 2.2 degree you will be eligible for exclusive one-to-one advice about applying for teacher training and access to events as part of their Teacher Training Adviser service.

Find out about the different teacher training options – either school led or university led. Talk to providers and visit them if you can in order to make an informed decision before you submit your teacher training application. The Apply for teacher training provides a search tool to identify all teacher training providers in England

Get some interview experience – if this isn’t formally available for example through your University, then ask some friends to interview you and give helpful feedback. Be prepared by thinking about the type of questions you could be asked.

Make the most of your skills and experiences when writing your applications – have a look at the Skills Transformer website. This provides science, technology, engineering and maths students with a structure to help them recognise, write about and talk about their skills: transforming them from dormant experiences to useful, persuasive evidence.

Find out about ongoing issues in maths education and demonstrate your awareness of current changes facing the profession. Have a look at the Royal Society Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education and the National Centre for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics.



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