Non-Financial Benefits

The Benefits Of Being A Scholar

If awarded a Mathematics Teacher Training Scholarship, not only does it provided an amazing tax-free bursary during your initial teacher training (ITT) year but also additional support such as membership of professional bodies; training courses and access to resources.

As a Maths Scholar you gain free membership to the following Professional Bodies:

By being a member of these organisations you will receive a plethora of benefits such as magazines; free or discounted journals; discounted conferences and access to online resources.  You will be able to stay up to date with the latest developments in mathematics teaching and also gain a deep understanding of where maths is used in the modern world.  You may also be able to get letters after your name in recognition of your membership.

You will receive two-years free access to MEI’s Integral which is an amazing set of resources for teaching A-level Maths and A-level Further Maths. An individual subscription would normally cost £120 annually.  You will also get one-year's free access to the IMA’s Journal Teaching Mathematics and its Applications. This is a highly respected journal which you may be able to use when you are doing research for your PGCE essays.

You will have access to free teaching resources on STEM Learning’s website. Collections of resources are available for 11-16, A-level and Core Maths, as well as support for STEM Clubs and access to the STEM Ambassador programme. Support is also available through their STEM community and through the exclusive Maths Scholars Community group.

Free CPD Events

All Maths Scholars get invited to CPD events, exclusively for Scholars.  Every event features inspirational speakers and Scholars have always commented on how useful these events are, and how enjoyable it is to meet up with the other Scholars.  These CPD events cover topics which will impact your teaching and will help you gather evidence that you have met the Teachers’ Standards as you progress through your PGCE. At most events you are also given free resources to take away with you to use in the classroom.

We know how demanding your training year can be and it might feel like it is hard to make the time but the more you put in during your training year the more you will get out of the Scholarship. Scholars who have attended in the past have always commented on how positive and useful they have found the events.

Benefits for ITT Providers

Are you an ITT provider with Maths Scholars on your course? It’s not just our Maths Scholars who benefit from a Maths Scholarship, ITT providers do too. Find out about The Benefits for ITT Providers of having a Maths Scholar on your course.

The Maths Teacher Training Scholarship opened up a range of opportunities that most trainees do not get to experience - Maths Scholar