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“How can I challenge my pupils if I am not prepared to challenge myself....” - Maths Scholar

Teaching maths in secondary schools is exciting and dynamic. You can make a real difference at every level from beginner, intermediate and advanced. Maths in the UK needs your special talents so if you have a passion for mathematics, want to inspire future generations of mathematicians and have a desire to teach, then apply for a Mathematics Teacher Training Scholarship.

The Mathematics Teacher Training Scholarships is awarding up to 270 Scholarships to talented individuals with strong mathematics knowledge, have the potential to be an inspirational teacher and who will be commencing a mathematics teacher training course in 2022/23.

Whether you are in the final year if your degree or changing careers, this website contains a wealth of information to help you decide if teaching is the right path for you and applying for a Maths Scholarship.

If you are having doubts about applying for a Maths Scholarship, check out the fantastic article, Am I Smart Enough to be a Scholar?: Overcoming imposter syndrome when applying for a scholarship, by one of our 2021/22 Maths Scholars.

We look at the benefits of school experience, choosing between a university-led or School-led initial teacher training course, how to prepare for your teacher training year, as well as surviving it, advice on applying for your first job as a mathematics teacher and why you should be using the DfE's official job board Teaching Vacancies when starting your job search, five ways to reduce your workload as a maths teacher and where you could be in five years’ time.

Maybe you are wondering about how you should engage with education research or supporting an exceptionally able student, we can help you there. We've even covered how using twitter can help your teaching and Maths on YouTube.

There has also been developments in education, and we cover those too, such as; the reformed Mathematics and Further Mathematics A-Levels, the Core Maths A Level, Mathematics Mastery, the Royal Society's Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education (ACME) and Contact Groups, the Early Career Framework Reforms and the Gatsby Career Benchmarks. We have articles on why maths teachers need to know about maths careers and how to help address the gender imbalance in A-Level mathematics. We also consider Should all students continue studying mathematics to 18?

We also introduce you to the wider mathematics community, including the Maths Hubs and their work, how the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme can support you as a teacher, as well as Maths4Girls and the benefits of inviting role models into the classroom.

Looking to bring other subjects into the mathematics lesson? Here's four engaging science and maths lessons. How about some Maths Art, which will also help to brighten up the classroom walls. Thinking about introducing your student to historical mathematicians? We’ve put it out there why that’s a good idea, though don’t forget to balance it with introducing your students to the diversity of mathematicians (including those who are living!). If you’re looking for maths activities for the classroom at specific times of the year, try our Christmas Teaching Resources and Ideas - there's 12 different ideas, Fractal Christmas trees by a 2020/21 Maths Scholar, end of term maths or Pi Day activities.

Or maybe you’re looking for inspiration for a maths-based school trip or the benefits of organising one for your students? Would you like to know about MathsCity, the UK’s first Maths discovery centre, and the school resources they have available, Bletchley Park, or the Winton Gallery at the Science Museum in London? We’ve got articles on those.

Trying to figure out what to do in the school holidays? You should find something from our list of Maths films to watch, puzzles to tackle to get your brain going or popular maths books to get your teeth into. Alternatively, use the time to keep up-to date with your mathematics as a teacher.

Just looking for some Useful Maths Websites and Resources? We’ve got that covered too!

The above is just a drop in the ocean of the articles that we have. Check out the Scholars Blogs section to hear from our current, and former Scholars, talking about all aspects of their teacher training and the CPD workshops they have attended as part of the Maths Scholarship.

Scholarship Criteria

To apply for a Scholarship, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Be eligible for student finance (please see the eligibility section of our FAQ page for more information)

  • You have, or are expected to achieve:
    • A first or 2:1 undergraduate degree, or a postgraduate degree (MSc, MRes, MPhil or PhD), or;
    • A 2:2 undergraduate degree, and also have significant relevant experience.

  • You meet one of the following:
    • Have, or are studying for, a degree with strong mathematical content (e.g. mathematics, physics, engineering)
    • Have a degree with strong mathematical content (e.g. mathematics, physics, engineering) and will complete, or have completed, a Maths Subject Knowledge Enhancement Course (SKE) of any duration prior to September 2022
    • Have a non-mathematical degree and will complete, or have completed, a Maths Subject Knowledge Enhancement Course (SKE) of a minimum of 20 weeks in duration prior to September 2022
    • Have a non-mathematical degree with extensive mathematical professional experience

  • Ultimately, secure a training place on an eligible Secondary Mathematics PGCE or unsalaried School Direct mathematics course in England which leads to Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) status for the 2022/23 academic year

At the following two stages of the application process; the initial application and Assessment, we also look for candidates to meet the wider criteria to become a Maths Scholar, namely:

  • Demonstrate a love of, and passion for, mathematics and a strong desire to share this with others

  • Have excellent understanding of mathematics and the ability to explain mathematical concepts at school level

  • Are interested in, and committed to, education/teaching

  • An ability to inspire secondary school pupils to take an interest in mathematics

  • Have the personal attributes to make a good classroom teacher and manager

  • Have an understanding of the benefits that the study of mathematics will have for the learners’ careers and the major importance of mathematics to the UK economy

  • A committed intention to teach in state-funded secondary schools in England, once qualified

These are aligned to the wider aims of the Mathematics Teacher Training Scholarships.

Advice on the Criteria

The application process starts by completing and submitting our online application form. Maths Scholarships are not awarded automatically to individuals who meet the eligibility criteria, an application must be submitted.

You should only start the application if you feel you have the necessary subject knowledge. If you don't feel you do, then we advise you to begin the application process for an ITT course leading to QTS, so that you can potentially be allocated a place on a SKE course. Furthermore, if you are on an SKE course we recommend applying sooner, and if invited to an Assessment, this may be towards the end of the academic year. This is to assist you with regards to the mathematical knowledge you will need to show as part of the overall assessment process.

If we are unable to determine the strong-mathematical content of your degree then you will be asked to provide a copy of your official university degree transcripts. In additional to this, you may also need to provide additional supporting information if it is not obvious from your degree transcripts if you have the level of mathematics we require.

If you have an overseas degree, please read the advice given on the Applicants with Overseas Degrees page before submitting your application.

For funding or a Scholarship you must be intending to take up a training place on a secondary teaching course that leads to QTS (pre-16). Trainees who take up a teacher training place on a course that leads to Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills Status (QTLS) are not eligible for funding or a Scholarship as QTLS is a Further Education qualification (post-16).

Application deadlines 

Applications are now closed.

In previous years, we have received an overwhelming number of applications to the Maths Scholarships which led to the Scheme closing earlier than expected. Should this happen again, then we will close early, so follow us on social media to keep up to date.  We also advise you not to leave submitting your application until nearer the closing date.