How useful is the Maths Scholarship scheme for me?

 Being an IMA scholar on the maths teacher training scheme has significantly aided my development as a teacher already – and I am only two months in!

When applying I was fairly apprehensive about the scheme being able to follow through with all the benefits stated, as there were just so many. However, I can wholeheartedly say that the IMA scheme has provided all that it promised and much more.

Having access to so many maths-focused teaching resources has given me the opportunity to experiment with different styles in the classroom and the confidence to adapt and even create resources of my own for small teaching groups. I firmly believe that for children to be fully engaged in mathematics and to forge a passion for the subject they need to be able to relate what they are studying to everyday life. At the very least they need to be able to understand why and how maths is used ‘in reality’.

The IMA website and the numerous scholar meet-up days have given me the chance to ask questions and learn about the infinite ways that Maths is applied to everyday life. No question is left unturned! The scholar meet-up days and CPD training not only provide ideas for making Maths more accessible in the classroom but also allows us, as training teachers, to exchange stories and experiences of our current teaching practise.

I think one of the best things about the Maths Scholarship scheme is how diverse the selection process is. Scholars not only vary in age, ITT pathway and placement conditions, but also in their educational background. At every scholar event you end up meeting someone new and exchanging teaching stories and tips. These events allow us the opportunity to network with other trainee teachers and meet NQTs, experienced teachers and others who are closely involved in the education of Mathematics. This gives us scholars a great deal of support if and when it’s needed!

Overall I feel that the IMA maths ITT scholarship has aided my development in numerous areas of my teaching practice and I am incredibly excited to see what the future holds.

 By Sophie Hill, Maths Scholar 2017