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Mathematics Teacher Training Scholarship “How can I challenge my pupils if I am not prepared to challenge myself....” - Maths Scholar

We're delighted to announce the Mathematics Teacher Training Scholarships will run for an eighth year. This is for those who commence their secondary mathematics initial teacher training which leads to Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) in the academic year 2020/21.

Teaching maths in secondary schools is exciting and dynamic. You can make a real difference at every level from beginner, intermediate and advanced. Maths in the UK needs your special talents. We welcome applications from people who can become passionate, knowledgeable and talented teachers to inspire and enthuse future generations.  

For all applicants, please be aware scholarship funding is not available for trainees who want to take up a teacher training place, on a course that leads to Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills Status (QTLS). QTLS is a Further Education qualification (post-16) and you are not eligible for funding or a Scholarship if you plan to take up a place on a QTLS course.

For funding or a Scholarship you must be intending to take up a training place on a secondary teaching course that leads to QTS (pre-16).

Scholarship Criteria

To apply for a Scholarship, you need to meet the following criteria:

•     You are a UK/EU citizen and have also been resident in the UK/EU for the last three years.

•     You have, or are expected to achieve: 

    ◦ A first or 2:1 undergraduate degree, or a postgraduate degree (MSc, MRes, MPhil or PhD), or;
    ◦ A 2:2 undergraduate degree, and also have significant relevant experience.

 • You meet one of the following: 

   ◦ Have, or are studying for, a degree with strong mathematical content (e.g. mathematics, physics, engineering.)  
   ◦ Have a degree with strong mathematical content (e.g. mathematics, physics, engineering) and will complete, or have completed, a Maths Subject Knowledge Enhancement Course (SKE) of any duration prior to September 2020.
   ◦ Have a non-mathematical degree and will complete, or have completed, a Maths Subject Knowledge Enhancement Course (SKE) of a minimum of 20 weeks in duration prior to September 2020. 
   ◦ Have a non-mathematical degree with extensive mathematical professional experience.

Secure a training place on an eligible Secondary Mathematics PGCE or unsalaried School Direct mathematics course in England which leads to Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) status for the 2020/21 academic year.

Please be aware that if we are unable to determine the strong-mathematical content of your degree then you will be asked to provide a copy of your official university degree transcripts.  In additional to this, you may also need to provide additional supporting information if it is not obvious from your degree transcripts if you have the level of mathematics we require.

If you have an overseas degree, please read the advice given on the Applicants with Overseas Degrees page before submitting your application.

The application process starts by completing and submitting our online form. You should only start the application if you feel you have the necessary subject knowledge. If you don't feel you do, then we advise you to begin the application process for an ITT course leading to QTS, so that you can potentially be allocated a place on a SKE course.

Furthermore, if you are on an SKE course we recommend applying and if invited to an Assessment Centre we advise attending either after you have completed your SKE or are towards the end of your course. This is to assist you with regards to the mathematical knowledge you will need to show as part of the overall assessment process.

Application deadlines

Applications will open on Friday 11 October 2019 and will close at 9am on Wednesday 17th June 2020.

Please note that if you’re unsuccessful at any stage you cannot reapply in the current application year.

In previous years, we have received an overwhelming number of applications to the Maths Scholarships which led to the Scheme closing earlier than expected. Should this happen again, then we will close early so follow us on social media to keep up to date.  We also advise you not to leave submitting your application until nearer the closing date.