Maths Scholars Resources Workshop 2020

We have a fantastic line up for the Maths Scholars Resources Workshop taking place on Saturday 22 February 2020 at the National STEM Learning Centre.

The amazing world of the ‘Interlocking Cube’ – Steve Lyon (STEM Learning)

Enter the amazing world of the ‘Interlocking Cube’ in which you will discover how interlocking cubes can be used to unlock the hidden secrets of a range of mathematical topics leading to enhanced understanding and a greater appreciation of the mathematical structure which lies behind the topics taught in secondary schools. This is a hands-on practical session from which you will take away a number of activities you can use in the classroom. 

I taught mathematics for over 25 years in a variety of secondary schools, all abilities and age ranges up to further mathematics. After being head of mathematics at a mathematics and computing school, I became an advanced skills teacher working in primary and secondary schools in York. I am now the mathematics lead at STEM Learning where I plan and deliver CPD, working with teachers of mathematics. I also lead courses exploring the teaching of mathematics in science and technology lessons. I am also the level 3 lead for the Yorkshire ridings Maths Hub.

Resources for problem solving at GCSE - Michael Anderson (STEM Learning)

What is problem solving and how do you teach problem solving skills? In this session we will explore how you can use and adapt a range of existing maths resources to easily embed problem solving in lessons. We will take a look at the requirements of the 9-1 GCSEs and what that means for maths teachers. From this session you will take away hundreds of tried and tested resources and ideas, ready for use in your maths classroom.

Michael Anderson is a Mathematics Subject Specialist for STEM Learning. Based at the National STEM Learning Centre in York, he supports the programme of secondary mathematics curriculum  support resources, projects and CPD available at the centre.

Over the past 12 years Michael has taught mathematics in a number of schools both in Leeds and in New Zealand, and held a variety of positions in maths departments and within the wider school.

Areas of interest include teaching for problem solving, using manipulatives in the classroom, and making use of mathematics to support learning across the STEM subjects.

Complete the Link - Colin Prestwich (Red Kite Learning Trust)

Colin PrestwichIn 2014, 70% of sixteen-year olds in our schools are not taking maths further. Why is that and what impact is that having on the students themselves, their life chances and the economic development of the country?

Maths is a key skill and increasing confidence to develop mathematical understanding which can be applied to everyday life is fundamental.  Core Maths is a level 3 qualification that enables students the thrive.  This is the first qualification that enables schools and colleges to offer a broad post 16 maths curriculum.  This workshop aims to look at some of its principles and some of the approaches used.  If you have read the “Elephant in the Classroom” you should recognise some of the themes addressed.

Colin Prestwich FIMA 
Maths teacher and Head of Department for 38 years.
Specialist Leader of Education for the Red Kite Learning Trust.
I have been a Core Maths Lead and also the lead for the Yorkshire Ridings Maths Hub based in Yorkshire until 2019.

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