Maths Scholarships Resources Webinars, Sept 2020   

Do we have a line up for you...  Join us for our 2 further Maths Scholarships Resources Webinars in September 2020 for plenty of resources and fun!  

Saturday 12th September 2020 - Webinar 5 

- Bar Modelling the good the bad and the ugly - Simon Mazumder (NW1 Maths Hub Lead)

Bar modelling is a great visual device but has limitations. We will explore the very positive uses including its use to aid the understanding of algebra. However, there are mathematical situations where bar Modelling is not the best method and representation and we will also explore these. The session will look at a variety of problems for colleagues to solve which illustrate the uses and limitations of Bar modelling.

Simon MazumderSimon is an experienced teacher and is currently a Maths Hub Lead (NW1) (, an accredited National Mathematics Lead in Education and an assistant head teacher at Altrincham Grammar School For Girls and the Alliance for Learning Teaching School. Previously he has been a Head of Department, a Local Education Authority Maths Advisor and has lectured for the Open University and regularly carries out workshops for both local Universities; Manchester University and Manchester Metropolitan University. He also works on collaborative projects with Nottingham, Plymouth and Reading Universities.

As a Specialist Leader of Education (SLE) Simon has worked successfully on a number of National Collaborative Projects, including the highly acclaimed Multiplicative Reasoning and Lesson Study. Simon is particularly interested in deepening mathematical knowledge through problem solving.  Simon has been recognised for his outstanding contribution as an SLE by the Minister of Education. He has successfully carried out a number of School improvement projects taking schools from special measures to outstanding in both primary and secondary phases.
Simon is acknowledged as having expertise in developing problem solving in mathematics particularly in the recent developments of: The new primary curriculum, the new maths GCSE specification and the newly revised A level. Simon has been developing schemes to help develop the delivery of GCSE re-sits in FE colleges. With non-differentiated learning and developing Teaching for Maths Mastery a key focus of his current work. Simon has delivered workshops at both the MA and BCME conferences and also facilitates workshops for The Princes Trust Teaching Institute.

Saturday 19th September 2020 - Webinar 6

- Mathematical presents - what gifts can we expect in a mathematics classroom? - Dr Snezana Lawrence FIMA (Middlesex University)

This webinar will seek to answer two questions that are most often to be heard in a mathematics classroom: when are we going to need this? and why is this useful?
I will attempt to show you how these questions are not actually trivial, and examine the multiple examples from the beginning of modern mathematics through to the 20th century, but not in a usual, chronological manner. I will weave a story around major questions concerning the nature of mathematics, and link mathematicians by the substance of their ideas and the historical and personal context in which they were developed.

Snezana LawrenceSnezana is interested in the creativity, identity, and engagement in the learning of mathematics, and is a mathematical historian. She is a Senior Lecturer in Aviation, at the Department of Mathematics and Design Engineering, Middlesex University

Snezana is involved in various national and international initiatives to promote the use of the history of mathematics in mathematics education. She is on the Council of the Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications, is an editorial board member of Mathematics Today, the Associate Editor of the BJHM (British Journal for the History of Mathematics), and is the Education Officer of the British Society for the History of Mathematics. Snezana writes a regular column for Mathematics Today and is the author of A New Year’s Present from a Mathematician
Twitter @mathshistory, @snezanalawrence 


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