Christmas Maths Teaching Resources and Ideas

Twelve days of Christmas Maths Teaching Resources

Christmas is nearly here, which means it must be time to start planning some Christmas themed lessons (or at least inserting some Christmas maths sparkle into your normal lessons). Christmas Maths has actually got a lot of educational potential, in fact it can provide extra opportunities for group work, creativity and problem solving in the maths classroom, as well as a whole lot of fun!

Health warning: check that your Head of Department has sanctioned the start of Christmas before you begin wheeling out the Christmas lessons in November.  

Day 1 The Twelve Days of Christmas

Have you ever considered how many presents were actually given in that famous song?

Day 2 The Maths of Secret Santa

There is a lot more to Secret Santa than meets the eye. Mathematician and YouTuber Hannah Fry takes a look at what is the best way to give your presents.

Day 3 Transum Christmaths

From the people who brought you Starter of the Day, a whole cornucopia of festive mathematics.

Day 4 Mr Barton at Christmas

Mr Barton brings you his favourite Christmas Maths Activities.

Day 5 The NRICH Advent Calendar

NRICH produces a Secondary Maths Advent Calendar. Something to do every day!

Day 6 Christmas Maths Art

Make some Christmas Maths Art using the Artful Maths website.

Day 7 The TES Christmas Collection

The TES Christmas collection has plenty of plenty of free resources to choose from.

Day 8 STEM Learning

STEM Learning has their own set of twelve Christmas Resources.

Day 9 The RI Christmas Lectures

The RI Christmas Lectures have been running since 1825, and were started off by the legendary Michael Faraday. In 2019 Hannah Fry gave the lecture series with the title Secrets and Lies where she unmasked 'hidden numbers, rules and patterns that secretly control our daily lives'.

In 2006 we enjoyed the Num8er My5teries with Marcus du Sautoy, and way before that in 1978 Mathematics into Pictures with Christopher Zeeman. In fact, in their 149-year history the 1978 Christmas Lectures were the first to focus on mathematics and in the audience was a young mathematician called Marcus du Sautoy...

Day 10 Learn how to wrap a Christmas Present with Carol Vorderman

Carol Vorderman teaches the One Show how to wrap a Christmas present using less paper (and mathematics).


Day 11 The Resourceaholic Christmas Activities

A bumper set of season activities from the website Resourceaholic.

Day 12 The Physics of Santa

Ever wondered if Santa could actually manage it? i she contrained by the laws of physics and will his beard set on fire as he travels that fast?