Useful Maths Resources And Websites

Good teachers don’t just produce excellent resources themselves, they also make sure that they use other people’s ideas and materials. This not only saves time – it also allows for the spread of good ideas and keeps experienced teachers fresh. Most teachers will take good resources and adapt them for their own lessons and classrooms (subject to copyright of course!)

Here we have assembled some of our favourite websites/resources that are available on the web. This can only be a small snapshot– there are bound to be loads of great ideas which we have missed. This is why you should talk to your fellow Maths Scholars and even arrange a time to meet up and swap resources – the benefits could be huge!

This list focuses on free resources – your school may also use services which you pay for such as MyMaths.

1. TES Website

For many teachers the TES Website is the number one resource on the web. It is now the case that you have to pay for some of the resources, but you can avoid this by filtering down to just look at free resources. Top Tip: Some teachers find that it is best to find resources straight from Google rather than by using the TES search function. For example, you could type “quadratic equations tes” into Google.

2. Mr Barton

Mr Barton's website is a treasure trove of resources, focusing on topics right up to A level. Have an explore and you will definitely unearth some gems. In fact, Mr Barton has his own list of Best Maths Websites.


Do you need a starter or a plenary? Do you need an extended problem solving activity? Do you have a high ability class that needs stretching? If the answer is yes to any of these questions then NRICH is the site for you, as it aims to enrich the mathematical experience of all learners.

4. Starter of the Day

the Starter of the Day section on the Transum website does exactly what it says on the tin – it provides 365 daily mathematics starters – perfect for saving time.

5. STEM Learning

STEM Learning hosts a national collection of mathematics resources on its website which is worth an explore. It complements the physical STEM library in York.

6. Physics and Maths Tutor

Teaching A level? Physics and Maths Tutor is one of the best sites for past exam questions covering all the major boards. It also contains a great resource called the Solomon Papers which are excellent worksheets for A level students.

7. Mathscareers

Mathscareers is the premier site for maths careers related information. It is suitable for students age 11+ as well as teachers who want to understand where maths is used in the real world.

8. Dr Frost Maths

If you are looking for PowerPoints, then look no further than Dr Frost Maths. The resources are particularly useful for high ability pupils, as they contain many challenging extension questions while still explaining the basics really well.

9. Plus Magazine

Plus Magazine is an excellent online maths magazine. It will be particularly suitable for keen A level students, or teachers wanting to understand maths in the wider world.

10. BBC Bitesize

Don’t forget BBC Bitesize – a great revision resource for students.



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