Maths Puzzles For The Summer Holidays

It’s time to put your feet up – the summer holidays are finally here, and you are more than ready for an extremely well-deserved rest.

So grab a cup of tea and have a go at one of these maths puzzles! Who ever said that solving maths problems was just for your pupils?

1. Chalkdust Prize Crossnumber

Win £100 if you can solve this tricky crossnumber posted by the Chalkdust team.

2. Liverpool Maths Society Open Problems

These Open Problems are aimed at Sixth-formers, but are certainly challenging enough for a teacher on their holidays.

3. Buy a Martin Gardner Book of Puzzles

The late Martin Gardner (1914-2010) is considered to be the king of recreational mathematics.

4.Radio 4 Puzzles for Today

Tune in each day to the Radio 4 Puzzles for Today, or just scroll through their archive. A few of these puzzles have been set by Bobby Seagull, a member of the Maths Scholarships Alumni!

5. Reader’s Digest Maths Riddles

If you love a riddle then take a look at these Reader’s Digest Maths Riddles.


If you really do love a riddle then will be for you. Many are not particularly ‘maths riddles’, however there is a maths section you can look at.

7. MoMath

The National Museum of Mathematics in New York has a number of puzzles and activities.

8. Mathigon Puzzles

Mathigon is an interactive maths textbook which has a problems and puzzles section.

9. Maths is Fun

The Maths is Fun Website has pages on Maths and Logic Puzzles.

10. Erdős conjecture on arithmetic progressions – win $5000 dollars

Paul Erdős was a prolific and also eccentric Hungarian mathematician who offered small cash prizes for unsolved maths problems. If you are looking for a tricky challenge, try to solve the Erdős conjecture on arithmetic progressions and win $5000 dollars. If this feels a bit too difficult then you could instead read the biography of Paul Erdős: ‘The man who loved only numbers’ by Paul Hoffman.



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