Maths Scholarships Resources Webinar 4  

Join us for for 4th and final Maths Scholarships Resources Webinar 2020 for plenty of resources and fun!  

Saturday 6 June 2020 - Webinar 4 

- Natalie Vernon (MEI) - Title: Using Desmos – Even at a distance!

Natalie VernonIn this session we will look at how to use the Desmos graphing calculator to support students with their mathematical understanding. We will also explore how Desmos classroom activities can be an invaluable learning tool both face to face and when delivering lessons via distance learning.

I work for MEI developing and coordinating national professional development opportunities for maths teachers. The main focus of my role is the design and delivery of PD across the country for both KS4 and KS5 teachers. Prior to joining MEI I was a head of department in a comprehensive secondary school and had taught in this sector for 12 years. I am particularly interested in how technology and cognitive learning theory can help to improve understanding and engagement in maths classrooms.


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