How The AMSP Can Support Your Career As A Maths Teacher

The Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP) is a government-funded initiative that aims to increase participation in Core Maths, AS/A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics. Whatever a student’s gender, background or location, we want them to have the opportunity to follow post-16 pathways into maths – and we recognise that, as their teacher, you will be the key to achieving that goal.

The AMSP offers a huge range of high-quality professional development opportunities across England to help teachers hone their skills so they can provide the best support for their students. A lot of this support can be utilised by trainee teachers, and when you reach qualified status, the AMSP can provide invaluable support to continue your growth as a maths teacher. Our work includes one-day conferences and workshops focusing on a specific area of interest, and also a range of sustained courses designed to develop subject knowledge and classroom practice. Conscious of the pressures on a 21st century teacher, we aim to offer truly accessible, flexible support, and there are many opportunities based solely online to help you fit professional development into your busy schedule.

We also aim to support students directly through enrichment events. The AMSP runs several competitions, such as Maths Feast, which tests teams of Year 10 students on essential maths, communication and teamwork skills. Similarly, the Senior Team Mathematics Challenge (STMC) is a competition for teams consisting of Year 11, 12 and 13 students involving tackling more complex maths problems. Our student and teacher problem-solving conferences are another popular way to develop problem-solving skills for the maths A levels, and to prepare them for university admission tests.

If you’re attached to a state-funded school or college, you’ll be able to access most of our events for free, with additional subsidies available to contribute towards teacher cover and travel expenses. When you become fully qualified, the AMSP is a great tool for continuing your professional development alongside the demands of a career in teaching.

The AMSP also leads regional teams of maths specialist who offer support locally. Area Coordinators regularly convene network meetings of passionate teachers, allowing teachers to share good practice with their peers. We welcome trainee teachers to attend these meetings; they are a great way to meet fellow teachers in your local area. Area Coordinators also organise local enrichment events and tuition for students, and provide additional professional development opportunities for teachers close to home.

The AMSP offers a vast amount of support, but when you gain qualified teacher status you may be especially interested in the following opportunities:

  • Teaching A level Mathematics – a sustained course of live online sessions and face-to-face study days, designed to support you should you start teaching for AS/A level Mathematics

  • Raising Confidence with GCSE Maths – if you’re in search of strategies and resources to use with students studying for their GCSEs, these one-day courses offer support with reasoning, problem solving and more.

  • Core Maths Conferences – free one-day events for teachers who want to learn more about offering the new level 3 Core Maths qualifications in their schools

There are many more opportunities to explore on the AMSP website. If you want to stay informed of opportunities and updates, you can subscribe to receive regular communication including the AMSP’s monthly regional newsletters. Your placement school or college may also be registered with the AMSP, which gives you free access to an extensive range of online resources. You should check with your Head of Department whether your institution is signed up, but if they are not, it is quick and easy to register. You can also keep in the loop by following us on twitter @Advanced_Maths.

The AMSP started in May 2018 and is managed by MEI, an independent national charity committed to improving maths education. It builds on the work of the popular Further Mathematics Support Programme, which MEI also ran until the project was superseded by the larger AMSP.



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