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Training to be a teacher can be one of the busiest times of your life – many trainees feel swept along in a tide of lesson planning and marking, in what can be a really intense year. It can be so easy to forget about applying for your first job in teaching, especially if you have a lot of other pressures to think about.

Some trainees are lucky enough to be training at a school where there is a job available for the following year, whereas most trainees need to actively look for their first position.

Even though it feels daunting, it is important to keep job hunting near the top of your to do list, as you will feel the benefit of finding a job you love for years to come.


The Teaching Vacancies Website

As a job hunter you don’t want to miss a job just because you haven’t seen it advertised. This is one of the reasons why we want you to be aware of the official jobs board which has been launched by the government called Teaching Vacancies.

What is special about Teaching Vacancies is that it is completely free for schools to use, saving them thousands of pounds in recruitment costs. Already it is the second largest source of secondary jobs, posted directly by schools, and 80% of primary and secondary schools in England are now signed up.

As schools look to save on recruitment costs, increasingly there will be more jobs which are posted solely on the Teaching Vacancies site, meaning that you won’t see them on any other recruitment sites.

To save time, simply set up Job Alerts with the Teaching Vacancies site for the types of roles you are looking for. Some teaching job adverts can have a relatively short deadline, so it is worth getting the job adverts sent straight to your inbox.


Spread the word about Teaching Vacancies and save your school money

Schools have been spending millions of pounds on recruitment agencies and advertising costs. This is money which could be better used to directly benefit learners in the classroom. As you speak with your school mentor, head of department or senior leaders, tell them about Teaching Vacancies, as it could actually save significant sums of money. Schools can also track applications and manage their adverts on a school dashboard, giving them more autonomy over their recruitment, and Teaching Vacancies integrates directly with Google job search providing access to a much bigger pool of job seekers.


What should I look for in my first job in teaching?

There is a lot to consider and a bit of planning and preparation will make the process much easier. We would recommend you read this in-depth article on Applying for your First Job as a Maths Teacher to explore the sorts of questions you should be thinking about before you apply.


Teaching Vacancies Website

Teaching Vacancies



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