Maths Scholars Celebratory Event 2018

We have a brilliant line up for this year’s Celebration Event taking place on Saturday 22 September 2018 at Aston University.

Games, Goats and Gold - Colin Beveridge (Flying Colours Maths)

Games, Goats and Gold uses popular game shows to demonstrate that thinking clearly about probability isn’t just good for your exams, but has applications in the slightly-more-real but just as arbitrary world of prime time TV.

Colin is the author of The Maths Behind, Cracking Mathematics and several maths titles in the For Dummies series. He writes the Flying Colours Maths blog, and occasionally The Aperiodical and Chalkdust magazine.

Before his career in writing and tutoring, Colin worked in Bozeman, Montana on NASA’s Living with a Star program, investigating the behaviour of the magnetic field in the Sun’s atmosphere; previously, he studied for a PhD at the University of St Andrews.

When he’s not looking after his young children, he can often be found running along South Dorset’s excellent network of cycle paths.  


Teaching for Mastery a heuristic approach to problem solving - Simon Mazumder (Altrincham Grammar School for Girls, NW1 Maths Hub Lead, Core Maths Lead and Specialist Leader of Education)

 The workshop will focus on problem solving, using visual methods that employ both Heuristics and Holistic approaches. The problems will range from KS1 to KS5 and show the progression (Meta-Cognitive) students need to experience in developing problem solving skills both procedurally and conceptually. This is a collaborative workshop where colleagues will be doing a lot of different types of problem solving but the focus will be multiplicative.

Simon is an experienced teacher and is currently a Maths Hub Lead (NW1), an accredited National Mathematics Lead in Education and an assistant head teacher at Altrincham Grammar School for Girls and the Alliance for Learning Teaching School. Previously he has been a Head of Department, a Local Education Authority Maths Advisor and has lectured for the Open University and regularly carries out workshops for both local Universities; Manchester University and Manchester Metropolitan University. He also works on collaborative projects with Nottingham, Plymouth and Reading Universities.
As a Specialist Leader of Education (SLE) Simon has worked successfully on a number of National Collaborative Projects, including the highly acclaimed Multiplicative Reasoning and Lesson Study. Simon is particularly interested in deepening mathematical knowledge through problem solving.  Simon has been recognised for his outstanding contribution as an SLE by the Minister of Education. He has successfully carried out a number of School improvement projects taking schools from special measures to outstanding in both primary and secondary phases.
Simon is acknowledged as having expertise in developing problem solving in mathematics particularly in the recent developments of: The new primary curriculum, the new maths GCSE specification and the newly revised A level. Simon has been developing schemes to help develop the delivery of GCSE re-sits in FE colleges. With non-differentiated learning and developing Teaching for Maths Mastery a key focus of his current work. Simon has delivered workshops at both the MA and BCME conferences and also facilitates workshops for The Princes Trust Teaching Institute.

Exploring shape and space, practically - Anne Fieldhouse (Sum Solutions)

 A hands-on practical session turning A4 paper, A5 envelopes and train tickets into 2D and 3D shapes. Please bring some scissors! The session will include thinking and reasoning as well as all the standard shape related topics and hopefully end up with some constructions to help develop better 3D to 2D diagrams and even a colourful Christmas decoration activity for later in the term!

Anne is an NCETM Accredited Professional Development Lead, originally secondary trained but has worked with all ages in all sectors and was also a regional coordinator for the National Centre for

Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) working across the NW and Y&H for 5 years. She is now a maths education consultant working freelance, leading sessions for both teachers and learners of all ages, mostly on behalf of national organisations including the IMA, the union ATL's education arm, delivering Education and Training Foundation funded projects in the post 16 sector and Able Maths days in primary and secondary schools for Authors Abroad.  

The emphasis is usually on developing thinking, reasoning and problem solving skills as well as the effective use of appropriate maths language through a mix of practical activities, puzzles and problems whilst also having some fun!

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