Maths Scholarships CPD Webinar - Modular Arithmetic

Monday 11th April 2022 - Live Webinar

Dr Vicky Neale (University of Oxford) - Modular Arithmetic

About The Event

In this interactive workshop, we will explore patterns and structures arising in number theory. No prior experience of modular arithmetic necessary (equally, if you do know some already, there'll still be more for you to explore!).  This is based on a workshop that Vicky has conducted with lots of groups of students, and she is happy to chat about what she is doing and why, and equally happy for attendees to adapt the ideas for use with their own students.

This event will be held from 19:00 - 20:30 (BST) on Monday the 11th of April 2022.

About the SpeakerSee the source image

Dr Vicky Neale is the Whitehead Lecturer at the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford and a Supernumerary Fellow at Balliol College. Her job is to be enthusiastic about mathematics with undergraduates, school students, and the wider public. Vicky has experience of giving talks and leading workshops for a wide range of audiences and has been a guest on several BBC Radio 4 programmes. Her first book was "Closing the Gap: the quest to understand prime numbers", and her second is "Why Study Mathematics?".

You can find Vicky on Twitter as @VickyMaths1729.


This webinar is for current Scholars and Alumni only. Online bookings close at 23:59 BST on Tuesday the 5th of April 2022.

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