Maths Scholarships Resources Webinars, April 2020

Do we have a line up for you...  Join us for our 3 Maths Scholarships Resources Webinars in April and May 2020 for plenty of resources and fun!  

Saturday 18th April 2020 - Webinar 1 

- Evelyn Hardy (The OR Society) - Operational Research: Let’s play with Lego 

E Hardy Operational Research (OR) is the art and science of using maths to solve problems and improve decision making. It’s ‘maths in the real world’, with applications from government or retail to healthcare and event planning. This session includes a demonstration of our Lego Furniture Factory workshop, a fun, hands-on explanation of how OR and maths are used in real life. It also covers why teachers should talk about OR and finishes off with a look at our free teaching resources and information on free school visits. 

I have always loved problem-solving, which led to a masters degree in Chemistry followed by three years working as a financial analyst before I found my home at The Operational Research Society. As Education Officer, I lead our education outreach programme, attending science fairs and careers fairs, developing teaching resources and running workshops for teachers and volunteers. I really enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for problem-solving and raising awareness of how varied and fulfilling careers using OR can be.

Saturday 25th April 2020 - Webinar 2

- Alison Kiddle (Maths Educator) - 
Bringing Geometry Alive. 

Alison Kiddle Who said that GCSE Geometry proofs needed to be boring? In this lively workshop, we will explore how to bring circle theorems and other geometrical ideas alive, using props such as paper plates, origami, and string... Along the way, we'll discuss how the historical context of proof can help make this one of the most engaging parts of the maths curriculum.

I am a mathematician, a teacher, a writer, and a crafter. I’m happiest when I can find ways to combine all four! I graduated from the University Of Cambridge with a degree in Mathematics in 2002, then trained to teach maths in secondary schools. In 2009 I joined the NRICH team in Cambridge, where I still work part time creating resources for use in secondary classrooms. I spend the rest of my time talking to teachers, running Cambridge MathsJam, tutoring, writing, and thinking about how to communicate mathematical ideas to diverse audiences. You can follow me on twitter @ajk_44.

Saturday 02 May 2020 - Webinar 3

- Peter Ransom MBE (The MA) - Probably the best probability session south of the north pole 

P RansomThe session will with some nice interactive activities that get you thinking about probability and reinforces some of the links between fractions, decimals and percentages. This will be followed with an example of the necessity of using tally charts and probability to predict outcomes. During these activities we’ll talk about the pedagogy and classroom management of materials. Moving from theoretical to experimental probability, we’ll look at the use of Multilink cubes and finish by analysing an old sailor’s dice game. This will lead nicely into the next session on …

...Games and puzzles in the mathematics classroom and club 

We’ll start with a simple two piece, 2-dimensional puzzle that is accessible by all students. This puzzle can be extended to challenge even the highest achievers in Y11 but illustrates the importance of using manipulatives at all ages. More examples of puzzles will be given that help develop spatial ability, geometry, mensuration and algebra in both 2 and 3 dimensions. There will be time to try these and plenty of materials given that you can take away and use in your lessons and mathematics clubs.

Peter Ransom is the Chair of Council (and a Past President) of The Mathematical Association and a semi-retired freelancer. After completing over three decades teaching mathematics in state secondary schools, he worked with Bath Spa University’s School of Education from 2010 to 2015 and works with a variety of mathematics teachers as part of The Prince’s Teaching Institute. Peter has spent a six-year term on the Education Committee of the LMS, is a Fellow of the IMA and also belongs to the LMS and BSHM. He was involved with the Bowland Maths initiative as project leader for the sundials case study. Recently he co-authored a textbook on Core Maths, another on GCSE revision tests and has written chapters for a textbook on IGCSE Additional Mathematics. Last year he received an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours 2019 for voluntary service to mathematics education.


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