Maths Scholars Celebratory Event 2019

We have a great programme for the Maths Scholars Celebratory event taking place on Saturday 21 September 2019 at Conference Aston. We will welcome new Scholars and prepare them for the new academic year.

Yo Ho Ho-ratio: some mathematics of Trafalgar - Peter Ransom MBE - The Mathematical Association

 This is presented by Able Seaman Ransom of HMS Pickle (the ship that brought the news of Trafalgar back to Britain) in 1805 seaman’s dress. After looking at the risks Nelson took we look at the mathematics of cannon balls and demonstrate their destructive power. 200 year old cannon balls are used. Probability using crown and anchor dice may be used, together with some other seamen’s dice games. This is accompanied by many worksheets to take away, answers, and a taste of ships' biscuits. The materials will be made available to those attend after the event.


Peter Ransom is the Chair of Council (and a Past President) of The Mathematical Association and a semi-retired freelancer. He worked with Bath Spa University’s School of Education from 2010 to 2015 and works with a variety of mathematics teachers as part of The Prince’s Teaching Institute. Peter has spent a six-year term on the Education Committee of the LMS, is a Fellow of the IMA and also belongs to the LMS and BSHM. He was involved with the Bowland Maths initiative as project leader for the sundials case study. Recently he co-authored a textbook on Core Maths, another on GCSE revision tests and has written chapters for a textbook on IGCSE Additional Mathematics

Peter spent over 30 years teaching secondary mathematics in state comprehensives and left the classroom in 2010 to integrate more into family life and the professional associations, to do more research and to attend conferences without having to worry about missing school time. He takes risks. He has enjoyed mathematics all his life and tries to pass on that enjoyment to all he meets including his three grandsons. He has been known to travel around the country with a cannonball and sword.

NRICH Website  – Ems Lord (Director)

 You may have heard about the NRICH website, and perhaps tried out some of its resources, but are you maximising its potential with your students? NRICH is often described as 'the home of rich problem-solving' and its website is packed with classroom resources for secondary and post-16 teachers. NRICH Director Ems Lord will take you on a guided tour of the NRICH family of resources, stopping off along the way to try out some of her favourite activities for your classes, and sharing her insights for making the most of this award-winning website.


Ems joined the team as NRICH Director in 2015, following her previous role leading one of the country's largest Mathematics Specialist Teacher Programmes. Ems has taught mathematics across the key stages, from Early Years to A Level Further Mathematics, and has worked in a variety of settings including a hospital school. Her previous roles include supporting schools as a Leading Mathematics Teacher, local authority consultant and as a Chartered  Mathematics Teacher. Ems has taught mathematics education on both BEd and PGCE teacher programmes and she is currently working on her PhD thesis which addresses how we can improve our support for pupils learning calculation skills.

Exploring shape and space, practically - Anne Fieldhouse (Sum Solutions)

 A hands-on practical session turning A4 paper, A5 envelopes and train tickets into 2D and 3D shapes. Please bring some scissors! The session will include thinking and reasoning as well as all the standard shape related topics and hopefully end up with some constructions to help develop better 3D to 2D diagrams and even a colourful Christmas decoration activity for later in the term!


Anne is an NCETM Accredited Professional Development Lead, originally secondary trained but has worked with all ages in all sectors and was also a regional coordinator for the National Centre for

Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) working across the NW and Y&H for 5 years. She is now a maths education consultant working freelance, leading sessions for both teachers and learners of all ages, mostly on behalf of national organisations including the IMA, delivering Education and Training Foundation funded projects in the post 16 sector and Able Maths days in primary and secondary schools for Authors Abroad. 

The emphasis is usually on developing thinking, reasoning and problem solving skills as well as the effective use of appropriate maths language through a mix of practical activities, puzzles and problems whilst also having some fun!

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