Maths Scholars CPD Workshop 2024

We are welcoming our wonderful Scholars and alumni to join us at The Studio in Birmingham for more inspiring CPD workshops!

These CPD sessions will be particularly thought-provoking for Scholars who have a keen interest in ensuring that maths is inclusive and accessible.


Saturday the 8th of June 2024


Session 1: Exploring The Global Heritage Of Mathematics (With Simon Clay)

About the Session

Mathematics is a subject which has a rich global heritage as a result of its development in diverse cultures across the world. This session will explore how the current English school curriculum tends to emphasise the white European heritage of maths. We will then consider some resources than can be used in lessons and enrichment sessions and give suggestions on how our classrooms could increasingly reflect the great cultural richness of mathematics. Through open and honest discussion and exploration of resources we will illustrate how small changes can promote a deeper appreciation of maths as an ethnically diverse subject. 


About the Speaker

Simon taught in secondary schools and Sixth Form colleges for 12 years before joining MEI in 2012. He works as part of the Teacher Support team designing and leading A level Mathematics professional development. He oversees and leads the Teaching A level Mathematics (TAM) course which supports teachers who are new to teaching A level Mathematics. He particularly enjoys supporting teachers to build a coherent picture of key aspects of the A level Mathematics curriculum and the pedagogies that foster a deeper understanding of maths, and in recent years he has worked with others in developing classroom resources to help teachers diversify the curriculum. 

You can follow Simon on Twitter @simonclay_mei and MEI on @MEIMaths


Session 2:  Teaching Statistics - How To Do Better Than Average (With Craig Anderson)

About the Session

Statistics and data science can often be the forgotten member of the mathematics family in school education. Often coverage of the subject is limited to pie charts, averages and standard deviation, but the subject can offer so much more than that as a way to encourage curiosity and problem solving and provide a valuable link between mathematics and the real world. This talk will illustrate some techniques for helping students understand the power of data. 


About the Speaker

Craig is the Royal Statistical Society’s William Guy Lecturer for secondary schools, a role which involves engaging and inspiring school children about statistics. Craig is also a Senior Lecturer in Statistics at the University of Glasgow, where he carries out research into health inequalities and environmental monitoring. Craig has a strong passion for outreach and statistics communication, and enjoys working with schools and the general public to improve understanding of the subject.

You can follow Craig on Twitter @CAndersonStats and the School of Mathematics & Statistics at the University of Glasgow on @UofGMaths_Stats


Session 3: Recreating Islamic Geometric Patterns (With Samira Mian)

About the Session 

Islamic Geometric Patterns have adorned palaces, madrassas and mosques and illuminated Manuscripts from Spain across to China from the 8th century till now. We will recreate an historical pattern from Cairo using a compass and straightedge, the same tools that would have been used by countless geometers & artisans for millennia. We will draw a series of circles and lines from which we can outline, trace the repeat unit. This repeat unit will then be tessellated on watercolour paper to then bring to life using contemporary watercolours and metallic gouache paints. All equipment and materials will be provided. 


About the Speaker

Samira Mian uses her background in Mathematics and Education to share her knowledge and artistic passion. Breathing new life into the centuries-old technique of straight edge & compasses rigorous geometry to recreate geometric patterns from the Islamic Lands. She especially loves recreating these medieval patterns in contemporary style using watercolours, gouache and metallic paints. 

Her biggest motivation is to share this intellectual & beautiful heritage from the Islamic Lands and the immensely satisfying pursuits they involve with the widest possible audience. Samira has a passion for contextualising the patterns she teaches, so that we can know & enjoy the beautiful intersection of history, religion, geography, art, design and mathematics that occurs when we recreate these beautiful geometric patterns.   

For the last 8 years, she has regularly led workshops in the UK, abroad as well as reaching many online through live and recorded classes, social media and her YouTube channel. Being part of a global community enables her to teach online with her own courses and workshops as well as bespoke workshops in collaboration with schools, societies, museums, charities, corporate staff events and families. 

You can find out what Samira is up to by visiting her website. 

You can follow Samira on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube




This event is open to our Scholars and alumni only. Please check your email inbox for your personal invitation and details on how to book your place at this event.

Online bookings close at 23:59 on 19th May 2024.

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