Discover What Teaching Is Really Like With A Paid Internship... 

Are you an undergraduate who is thinking about becoming a maths teacher? It’s important to try and gain some school experience before you apply for initial teacher training, and one of the ways you can do this is through a paid Teaching Internship. This three-week structured placement is designed to give you opportunities to observe other teachers, to attend training sessions and to be fully immersed in a school environment for a sustained period of time.  



What are the benefits of the Teaching Internship? 

  • Choosing teaching as a career  

Being in a school for three weeks will give you time to reflect properly on whether teacher training is the right next step for you. Many maths Teaching Interns leave more confident and secure in their decision to become a maths teacher. 


  • Up to date experience  

Becoming a Teaching Intern will give you up to date experience of being in a school. This will look great when you apply for initial teacher training and will also give you lots to talk about in interviews.  


  • An additional school environment 

All schools are different, and there is something new to learn wherever you are. Completing a three-week Teaching Internship will give you an invaluable insight into another school environment, which will probably be in addition to the schools you see as part of your initial teacher training. 




Who is eligible to complete a Teaching Internship? 

You can apply for a Teaching Internship if you are currently studying for a related degree in a relevant subject. If you aren’t a current student, then there are alternative routes to securing school experience


How long does a Teaching Internship last for? 

Teaching Internships last for three weeks and start in June.  


Are Teaching Internships paid? 

Yes, interns receive £300 per week.  


Which subjects are Teaching Internships offered in? 

Internships are available for people who are interested in teaching chemistry, computing, languages, maths and physics.  


Are Teaching Internships the only way to get School Experience? 

Teaching Internships are a fantastic way to get School Experience in a supportive environment, while being paid at the same time. If you aren’t able to complete a Teaching Internship, then don’t worry, there are lots of other ways to organise School Experience. Check out the Get into Teaching website. 


Is there anyone I can talk to, if I want to find out more? 

If you’re in your final year as an undergraduate, or you’ve already graduated, then you can get free one-to-one support from a Teacher Training Adviser.  They have years of experience, can give you an insight into the world of teaching and will answer all your questions about what teaching is really like.   

If you are a current undergraduate and not yet in your final year, then you can talk to an Explore Teaching Adviser who can help you discover whether the classroom is where you belong. 

 Call 0800 389 2500 or visit to get set up with an adviser. You can talk to your own adviser as little or as often as you need by phone, text or email.  


If you want to know more, then this is what a previous Maths Scholar said about completing a Teaching Internship:  

“My internship helped prepare me for starting ITT (initial teacher training), as it felt like a very condensed version of the teacher training year.” Lezley Dawes, Maths Scholar (Alumni) 

You can read Lezley’s full blog about her experiences here. 

 Find out more about the Teaching Internship on the Experience teaching with an internship webpage of the Get into Teaching website. 

*This article was written in March 2023.  Images provided by the Department for Education. 



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