Maths Scholarships Resources Workshop, February 2023

Join us at the National STEM Learning Centre in York for a number of CPD sessions.


Saturday the 18th of February 2023

from 10:00am - 4:30pm (GMT)


Session 1 - Applying Mathematics - Steve Lyon (STEM Learning)

About the Session

In this session, we explore three resources designed to help students apply their mathematics skills in three very different scenarios.

A lot of time in mathematics lessons is, quite rightly, dedicated to developing fluency in the ability to perform mathematics tasks and in understanding underlying mathematical structure.  The three activities we will meet in this session take us on a journey from problems closely related to curriculum topics to problems which require students to apply their mathematical knowledge in a scenario where the maths topic needed is not immediately apparent. Along the way we will bump into other interesting and stimulating resources which can be used as inspiration when planning lessons. You may find a laptop or tablet useful, but not essential.

About the Speaker

Steve LyonSteve Lyon taught mathematics for over 25 years in a variety of secondary schools, all abilities and age ranges up to further mathematics. After being head of mathematics at a mathematics and computing school, he became an advanced skills teacher working in primary and secondary schools in York. He is now the mathematics lead at STEM Learning where he plans and deliver CPD, working with teachers of mathematics. He also leads courses exploring the teaching of mathematics in science and technology lessons. He is also the level 3 lead for the Yorkshire ridings Maths Hub.

You can find Steve on Twitter as @SteveJLyon

The STEM Learning team are also on Twitter as @STEMLearningUK


Session 2 - Hands on Maths - Dr Katie Chicot (CEO, MathsWorldUK)

About the Session

Hands on maths allows a student to experience a different face of mathematics and a different way of approaching problems. These can frequently be experienced as a group. In this workshop we’ll look at a few hands-on maths puzzles which are small versions of exhibits we have at MathsCity in Trinity Leeds. We will also consider other activities suitable for the classroom which can be experienced as a group.

About the Speaker

Katie ChicotKatie is involved in many projects which bring maths to the public and schools. She is the CEO of MathsWorldUK and a Senior Lecturer Staff tutor with the Open University. Through MathsWorldUK, Katie opened the hands-on visitor centre MathsCity. Katie has been a Holgate Lecturer with the London Mathematical Society and has served on the council of the UK Mathematics Trust with whom she developed a brain teaser app called ‘Perplex’. Katie completed her PhD in mathematics at the University of Leeds. Desiring to bring the beauty and clarity of mathematics to a broader audience Katie became the Clothworkers’ Fellow in Mathematics at the Royal Institution. Soon after she became an Associate Lecturer with the Open University and then a Staff Tutor.

Tackling mathematical problems and encouraging others to engage with mathematical investigations are the cornerstones of Katie’s work.

You can find Maths City UK on Twitter as @MathsCityLeeds, Instagram as @MathsCityLeeds and Facebook as @MathsCityLeeds.


Session 3 - Maths beyond the curriculum - Michael Anderson (STEM Learning)

About the Session

Students’ experience of mathematics doesn’t end when they leave your classroom. In this session we explore enrichment activities and STEM Club resources which can be used in maths clubs and STEM clubs to boldly go beyond the maths curriculum.

About the Speaker

Michael AndersonMichael Anderson is a Mathematics Subject Specialist for STEM Learning. Based at the National STEM Learning Centre in York, he supports the programme of secondary mathematics curriculum  support resources, projects and CPD available at the centre.

Over the past 12 years Michael has taught mathematics in a number of schools both in Leeds and in New Zealand, and held a variety of positions in maths departments and within the wider school.

Areas of interest include teaching for problem solving, using manipulatives in the classroom, and making use of mathematics to support learning across the STEM subjects.

You can find Michael on Twitter as @STEMLearning_MA

The STEM Learning team are also on Twitter as @STEMLearningUK




This session is for 2022/23 Scholars only. Online bookings closes at 23:59 on Sunday the 5th of February 2023.

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