15 Worthwhile Reasons To Become A Maths Teacher

Many say that teaching is a calling a vocation

Many say that teaching is a calling, a vocation, something they’ve always felt compelled to do. Others come to teaching in a roundabout way, changing careers later in life and finding themselves thinking, why didn’t I do this years ago? There is no right or wrong way to discover your love of maths teaching. But there are plenty of reasons why teaching is wonderful. Here are just a few. Have any more to add? Add them to the comments!

  1. You get to work with young people who see the world differently.

  2. You’ll have an opportunity to do a job that is influential to young people, who are the future changemakers in our society.

  3. You will spend each day in a role that gives you multiple opportunities to challenge yourself, helping you to grow and develop in a myriad of ways.

  4. You will have a great deal of responsibility bestowed upon you early on in your career. As soon as you’re in front of a classroom, you have immediate responsibility for individuals who have just one shot at their education between the ages of 5 and 18.

  5. You’ll have an opportunity to be memorable in the lives of young people, to have them look back in years to come and remember you as a mentor. We all have those teachers that we remember fondly as being life changing. What a privileged position to occupy in someone’s life!

  6. You are in a role that allows for daily problem solving, exploration, research and development.

  7. You will have plenty of career enhancement opportunities, from being an advanced teacher to becoming a senior leader or department head.

  8. You will have the opportunity to shape the curriculum and to be a thought leader and influencer.

  9. You will be part of a pedagogical heritage that has inspired some brilliant literature and world-famous creative endeavours.

  10. You will have the chance to work with a graduate profession that is curious, hardworking, liberal and intelligent.

    Maths Teachers help to bring the textbook and theory to life

    Maths Teachers help to bring the textbooks and theory to life.

  11. You’ll be working in a profession that is always in demand and you’ll have the security of long-term contracts.

  12. You will enjoy opportunities for continuous professional development (CPD) in a profession that positively encourages learning.

  13. You’ll be actively helping to close the STEM skills shortage in the UK, which is critical for our nation’s economic success.

  14. Your passion for numbers and education could inspire the next Alan Turing, Stephen Hawking or Ada Lovelace!

  15. You’ll get to pay it forward in so many ways. Think back to all the wonderful things you gained from your own education, your past teachers. You’ll get to give back in a way that enriches your own life, as well as the lives of your students and fellow teachers.

So, if you’ve been considering becoming a Maths Teacher, we hope some of these reasons have resonated with you. What are you waiting for? There are tax-free bursaries available to help you through your transition, not to mention a whole host of excellent resources on offer. Read our FAQs and get started on that application!