Sophie Carr Maths Scholars Scheme Reports

It’s nearly the end of another academic year!  With this in mind, I want to start by saying well done to all of our scholars who have completed their ITT year.  Congratulations everyone!

Is your future career all squared off and neatly organised

Is your future career all squared off and neatly organised?

Maths Scholars Assessment Centres go on through the summer

When I last wrote, the scheme had just shut to new applications and we working hard to finalise all the places at the assessment centres.  When this was over, I thought the scheme might calm down a little.  This might have been a bit optimistic on my part.  Of course, we’re still busy for a couple of fantastic reasons. Firstly, our wonderful team of assessors are working incredibly hard at each and every assessment centre.  Each assessment centre runs to a tight schedule, yet at the end of everyone our assessors are upbeat and enthusiastic about the candidates they have seen.  Equally, I know they appreciate the wonderful feedback we receive about how welcoming and enjoyable the days are.

Have you thought of a Subject Knowledge Enhancement Course?

Secondly, this is the time of year when a lot of Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) courses finish.  This year, we’ve been delighted by the number of applications from those undertaking SKE courses.  Whilst those completing a course can apply at any time the scheme is open, our advice is always to wait until the course is finished before attending an assessment centre.  As such, our assessment centres now have a wonderful array of candidates from: new graduates; those who are changing jobs after a couple of years working in industry, through to those who are bringing a wealth of practical uses of maths in the real world into teaching.  Mixing into this are those who have always worked with mathematics and those who have brought their skills up to date with an SKE course. So you can start to see the breadth of people and talent who want to become maths teachers and gain a Maths Teacher Training Scholarship.

Don’t get fenced in doing a dead end job

Don’t get fenced in doing a dead end job – teach Maths instead

Our last assessment centre is on 1st September

Of course the general administration that comes with project management is also keeping me busy (including the occasional nudge that I’ve not written anything in a while…) (I don’t know what you mean! Ed)  So as the summer holidays start the scheme will continue to work hard through the summer. The very last assessment centre is on the 1st September.  We know the many brilliant teachers across the country will also be working (we know you don’t get six weeks off with nothing to do!), but hopefully they will get a couple of weeks to recharge.

Great thanks

Thank you to everyone who has made this year such a successful one. For anyone considering making an application for next year’s round my advice is to start planning early and be first past the post when the scheme starts next year.

Tennis ball rolling and rotating with water

We’re off to watch Wimbledon! What are your plans this summer?

Sophie Carr, Project Manager