The First Week on my ITT Course

Rubiya HussainUsually when starting a new job, one gets overwhelmed and nervous. In the past this has been the case for many of the jobs I applied to, especially in the days leading up to the first day, however for the initial teacher training course, this wasn’t the case for me.

Whether it was due to the lockdown and having a year to mentally prepare myself for it, or the feeling that this is the next step for me, is something I have still yet to figure out.
For my first day I arrived with the mentality that whatever happens, let it happen. I’m here to learn and be taught how to be the best teacher I can be. It doesn’t matter how much I know beforehand but rather that I’m willing to put in the effort to be better, not just for me but for students too.

I was provided with resources and timetables along with assignments, which led me to say ‘’This is really happening’’. It was settling in that this is my future. Thankfully though, rather than dread I was filled with excitement.  

My training provider throughout the week kept reiterating that support was there and kept reassuring all of us new trainees that whatever we needed, we could go to them and talk about it. It was great.

As I am writing this blog, I am also on a Facilitated Study Day, which I’ve interpreted as ‘Sit on your bed in your comfiest clothes and do your assignments’.

It is quite refreshing that already I have been ‘gifted’ this day, to not only reflect on the week I had, but to also take advantage of the calm and stress-free moments I have, who knows when the may come about again. It is also a great reminder to pace myself and not overdo it.

This first week at my training provider has really cemented in me the idea that I made the right choice. It has made me grateful for the opportunity I have been given. 

The future teachers I have met (my fellow trainees) have been nothing short of kind, and it is quite nice knowing that you are not the only one. That no matter what we all studied, whether it be Mathematics or History, we are all taking the same steps to be qualified.

I don’t take the opportunity I have been given lightly, I am grateful to the IMA and the Scholarships Team with presenting me with this and for allowing me to create the wonderful memories I had during my first week. 

My only hope is that I can be half the teacher you deemed me to be.

By Rubiya Hussain