Why I Decided To Apply For A Mathematics Teacher Training Scholarship - By Sharmin Joarder 

Sharmin Joarder I was working as a Maths tutor and planning to apply for ITT. I heard about the scholarship through ‘get into teaching’ website after speaking to an advisor. My advisor made it very clear about the financial support I was going to get through bursary as well as mathematics scholarship. So I became very eager and wanted to find out more about it. I checked IMA scholarship website and that’s when I found out about the non-financial benefit side of the scholarship. In the mean time I already had an offer for ITT. 
My fascination for mathematics and statistics developed when I was in school. This long-term interest and deep-seated commitment had become a passion. I have always wanted to teach mathematics and develop my skills further to become an inspiring teacher.  
I realised this prestigious scholarship could strengthen my opportunities and make significant contribution towards my teaching career through being part of large community with Maths enthusiast where I could get support, inspiration and new ideas as well as access to outstanding resources, membership with professional bodies, CPD events, journals etc. Also this award could make me a confident individual and also stand out from the crowd.  
So I have decided to apply. I needed to get the courage to go through the application process and learnt so much while preparing for the interview knowing it was once in a lifetime opportunity. 
The status of being a ‘Maths Scholar’ has increased my confidence level tenfold and enhanced my mathematical thinking.  

By Sharmin Joarder 



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