Why I Applied for a Scholarship 


When I first saw an advert for the maths training scholarship I did not look into it because I assumed that it would only be for really clever people with maths degrees (I studied Sport Science). However, I kept seeing the advert and, once I had investigated further and explored the website, I realised that I would be eligible and I started to believe that I could apply.

During my SKE course, two scholars who were completing their PGCEs came to speak to us about their experiences. This was helpful as they had both gone through the SKE route as well, so it gave me confidence that I could be successful in getting a scholarship too. Importantly, I knew that I would be applying for ITT, and I thought that if I were to be awarded a scholarship, I would be able to present a stronger application. The scholarship interview also provided experience of an assessment centre style day which meant I felt more confident and prepared for my PGCE interview. 

I think that the main reason why I applied to become a scholar was that there was so much to gain, but nothing to lose. I could see that being a scholar would expose me to extra CPD sessions and give me memberships to national bodies, as well as access to multitudes of resources. It would even provide me with £2,500 extra! All I had to do was to apply, and then prepare for and attend the interview day. I was confident going up to Manchester for this because the Scholarship website contained lots of information and advice, so I felt very well prepared. 

In summary, I think that everyone who is applying for ITT should go for a scholarship – it has many benefits and there really is nothing to lose! 

By Cordelia Parker