A Day in the Life of a Trainee Teacher

Carina BoothI start my day around 6:30am.  I get ready for work and pack a big flask of hot tea.  I arrive at my school at 7:40am.  I like to get to school early so I have time to prepare all my resources for the day and run through my lesson plans before any students arrive.  I help out with a Year 10 form and at the moment we are discussing road awareness which is important to them as many cycle or walk to school every day. 

At the moment I am teaching around 2 lessons a day so I have to make sure I am organised moving round school.  Today I am teaching Year 9 about interior angles.  It’s a bit different as all of the year are at home and I am talking to them through an online platform.  I chose to do an interactive quiz so I could track weaknesses in the class and who has attended the lesson.  I managed to get through everything I planned before the bell for break.  At break and lunch, I always pop to the Maths office and have a chat with some colleagues about the day ahead. 

My favourite part of the day is reflecting on lessons I have taken.  I write a list of my strengths and development points and plan what I am going to cover in the next lesson. Today is also my first lunch time duty.  I had to walk round the canteen with my Mentor while Year 11 ate lunch.  Most days go by in a flash and before I know it its gone 3pm and I start getting ready to go home.  I always check my planner to see what tasks I need to do and I try and get these done as soon as I get home so they are out the way. 

Every evening I take some time to really relax.  When the gyms have been open I tend to go each night to work out and socialise.  At the moment though they’re closed where I live, so I spend time talking to friends and video calling them or watching TV.  Before I go to sleep I will again check my planner and write of list of tasks to do the next day and plan what I am going to wear the next day.  

By Carina Booth