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The Maths Scholars scheme is just waiting for the green light to open for the 2018/19-application season. It hardly seems possible that we are almost at the end of September already.

Be a Maths Scholar

Don’t ignore advice as it can save you effort and heartache

We would recommend that anyone considering applying for a Maths Scholars scholarship application would do well to read all the information and advice we have gathered on our website. We have been running for 5 years now and understand what the scheme is looking for. We can also tell you how to avoid falling at the first hurdle too. Many people see this application as something they can ‘bung in’ to use a polite term.

Give and take

Consider this, if you are applying to receive £27,500 to help your studies then that is not an insignificant amount of money. It’s obvious there has to be some payback as we all know that ‘nothing comes for nothing’. Saying that the generous bursary is also augmented by a number of significant benefits.

As you can see it all adds up to quite a package.

Will you be one of next year’s 278?

The Maths Scholars scheme continues its social media presence even when the scheme is shut. We had to close early in the 2017/18 season as we were overwhelmed by applications. In fact we had almost 700 applicants and we awarded 278 scholarships.

278 scholarships

Join us on Facebook and Twitter

We encourage all our Scholars and would-be Scholars to join us on Twitter and on Facebook. Why? We find and re-tweet all kinds of information with Maths underscoring all of what we do. We find resources, inspirational quotes, articles, ideas, opinions etc. Twitter has been an amazing community for us. We may not have millions of followers but the community that has been amassed is vocal and engaged. What more could you ask for?

mathematics teacher training scholarship program 2017

Certainly we hope that career changes and recent graduates will all consider teaching mathematics in secondary schools. It is such a fundamental that as we live a more tech-infused existence it has never been more important. If you see yourself as being someone who can enthuse and ignite a potentially life-long passion for maths you might want to start exploring all the resources around right now. Get Into Teaching is a great one.

We wish you all the very best in your endeavours. We will announce the scheme’s opening on Twitter, Facebook and on the Maths Scholars website. Join us. We’d love to answer all your questions.