Maths scholars and teachers reflect on why maths teaching is wonderful

“As any Mathematician would say, I have always loved Maths and challenging myself to see how good I am,” says Maths Scholar Abiramy Rajeswaran. “Whilst at University, the only thing I missed was pure Maths and its abstractness. It was quite clear to me that if my heart wasn’t in it, I shouldn’t do it. After evaluating my choices, I decided to go back to what I’ve always loved doing: Maths, and I can honestly say that it’s the best decision I’ve made so far.”

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If you are looking for a career that offers plenty of variety, look no further. Abiramy says that no two days in teaching feel the same. “Every day brings a new student with a ‘light bulb’ moment, a student who will finish all the extension work and still wants to do more, and that student you’ve inspired to want to do well in Maths, simply by sharing your love for Maths. Some of the most challenging classes will actually become your favourite classes to teach, and you will look forward to teaching them.”

Maths Scholar Umar Hussain is hooked on those light bulb moments too. “I am a teacher who believes in learning through discovery and therefore my lessons take slightly longer to plan. I believe it is worth it as on many occasions my students will have that ’light bulb’ moment and will understand the mechanics of mathematics on a much deeper level. I would strongly recommend to anyone thinking of teaching that they should apply through the IMA to do so.”

Maths Scholar Prina Bhanderi describes her journey from student to teacher has been an insightful one. “I began my first placement by observing a variety of teachers, this was insightful however, it almost made me question my career choice. Now, that I have taught a few lessons by myself, I’ve never been so happy with my choice in career. Seeing students’ passion for their work and the feeling of making a positive contribution to the future generations is a feeling like no other.”

Being a Mathematics teacher

We spoke to Maths Scholar Jess Clifton early on in his teacher training year and he said he was already certain that he’d made the right decision and that teaching is the career for him. “During my first term of teaching I have increased in confidence and my teaching skills have improved tremendously. Every day within school is very different and each day I have made progress towards becoming a more effective maths teacher. I enjoy working with the students and helping them to reach their targets and achieve to their full potential.

Maths teacher Adam Creen believes that right now is a very exciting time to step into the maths teaching world. “For a start we have a brand new GCSE and 2017 will see the first cohort go through this exam. We are excited to see how that goes… Plus, maths teachers have a great responsibility to develop the next generation of scientists, programmers, economists... There are always new things to do: new teachers, students, resources and curricula. There’s so much support for brand new maths teachers, so, if you are thinking about applying for a Maths Scholars scholarship or entering the profession, it’s your time for sure!”

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