Why should more people apply for the Maths Teacher Training Scholarship scheme?


 Having applied for and been successful in joining the scholarship scheme, the question really have is why wouldn’t you apply? There are so many good things that the scheme offers that to my mind it’s a no-brainer. However, for those who are unsure, here are a few reasons to apply.

1. Financial Incentive

If I’m honest then this was the eye-catcher that led me to apply for the scholarship. Obviously, the government already offer a bursary of £20,000 followed by two £5,000 instalments later in your career, but the IMA scholarship is £22,000 followed by the two £5,000 instalments. Why would you pass up the opportunity for an extra two grand?

2. Events

Since I’ve joined the scheme I have attended a couple of the events run by the IMA that are available to scholars. Everything that I have been to has been both incredibly fun and equally useful. The events that are put on are quite varied, and it’s always nice, when school work is starting to feel overwhelming, to get out, meet up with some fellow scholars, and have a day doing something a little bit different.

3. Membership of Professional Bodies

This may be one that fewer people consider, but it is a really valuable part of the scholarship. By becoming a scholar, you will have free access to a range of professional bodies within the mathematics community. This may seem like a minor consideration, but having other avenues to investigate maths and maths education with people is invaluable in my opinion. 

4. Community

Scholars past and present are all members of a community. Even though I am relatively new to this community, having a group of people their to talk to, share resources and ideas with, and attend the events with is something that I’ve really enjoyed. Everyone there is in the same boat, and being able to have another place to talk and take ideas from is something that I have found especially useful.

So, there are just some of the reasons I would encourage people to apply and as far as I can tell there are no downsides. The more scholars there are the more the community can thrive and grow, so hopefully this can tempt some more people to go for it!

By John Hewetson