Maths Scholars gain confidence on the scheme

  Abiramy Rajeswaran

Name: Abiramy Rajeswaran

Degree: BEng (Hons) Chemical Engineering, The University of Manchester

Teacher Training Provider: Brunel University London

Mathematics Teacher (from July 2017): Sir William Ramsay school, Buckinghamshire

Gain confidence and a head start

As any Mathematician would say, I have always loved Maths and challenging myself to see how good I am. Whilst at University, the only thing I missed was pure Maths and its abstractness. It was quite clear to me that if my heart wasn’t in it, I shouldn’t do it. After evaluating my choices, I decided to go back to what I’ve always loved doing: Maths, and I can honestly say that it’s the best decision I’ve made so far. As someone with no prior experience of teaching large groups of students, I decided to apply for the Maths teacher training scholarship to ensure that I had a head start to my teaching profession, and to gain confidence knowing that experienced Mathematicians see potential in me.

Dean Schlicler

Loving the light bulb moments

There aren’t two days in teaching that will feel the same: everyday day brings a new student with a ‘light bulb’ moment, a student who will finish all the extension work and still wants to do more, and that student you’ve inspired to want to well in Maths, simply by sharing your love for Maths. Some of the most challenging classes will actually become your favourite classes to teach, and you will look forward to teaching them. My first school placement was a great experience, and it reassured me that I have made the right decision by going into teaching. I’m very excited to have been offered a job from my first placement school, and am looking forward to joining the department in July.

As part of the PGCE, Brunel offers an alternative setting placement

I applied to go to Feltham Young Offenders Institute for a week in November. A year ago, I would’ve never even considered applying to do a placement in a prison. But, as a Maths scholar, I felt confident enough to push myself, and challenge myself to test my limits. A prison school places a much higher emphasis on the student- teacher relationship, ensuring that students are able to rebuild good relationships and trust in adults when they leave. The placement was a very valuable experience, and has opened my eyes to a whole different side to the education system. And I have the scholarship team to thank for providing me with the confidence needed to apply for the placement.

I am fully committed to my professional development in Mathematics teaching and Education. I’m currently looking forward to completing my PGCE and start working as a Mathematics teacher.

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